Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh, Happy Me!

Photo: Heather-L Flickr.com

Brian Miller, author of the insightful Waystation One blog, tagged me with this meme to list six unimportant things that make me happy. Those of you who know me, are aware that this is not a hard task. I am just one of those naturally happy, chipper individuals who drives others to restrain themselves from stuffing me into a burlap bag, tied and weighted with heavy stones, and tossing the bag into a deep, wide, swift running river. Mornings are usually the most dangerous time for me. I lurk on the fringes of society, literally out of arms reach, until the consumption of various brown, caffeinated joy juices by the general populous, reaches levels sufficient to allow the sparing of my life. Morning draws nigh. A quick urgency is applied to the creation of my list:

1. I love the way my dogs nuzzle and sniff my head after my hair is freshly washed. They especially like my new Enjoy shampoo and conditioner. Of course, by the time they finish canoodling and snorting their damp noses through my hair and over my scalp, I need to wash again, but it is worth the pleasure of our play.

2. I love the scent of the rich, creamy, Ecco Bella Vanilla Body Lotion I apply every morning after my shower. In groups, I feel like John Travolta as the angel in the movie Michael because I always smell like cookies. People are always asking where they are when near me.

3. I'm happy when Blogger actually lists what I have posted. Although my posts are displayed on my site, they often never appear on Google Reader or others Blog Rolls. Lost in Blog-Space, am I.

4. I am happy when ingesting endorphin elevating substances: salsa, wasabi, hot mustard and spicy peppers. Oh, sweaty yum.

5. I love the satisfaction of taking something that someone else would discard, restoring and giving it new life. Most of my reward is in seeing how much pleasure these restorations bring others as they evoke memories and generate stories from times gone by.

6. I love getting together with my friends for our Birthday Club luncheons. Our difference in age, spans more than 60 years. We share more than just the celebration of attaining another year, we share love, fears, and tears. We share life and not just the pretty parts.

Well, Blog Pals, here you have six unimportant facts about me. Thank you, Brian, for the challenge of, in a larger sense, opening up to the world and, in a smaller sense, exploring myself. By the rules, I am supposed to tag six other bloggers and post their links as well as the blogger who tagged me. But I will broaden the circle by inviting anyone who would like to play to join the game by posting "six unimportant things" about themselves.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!


Brian Miller said...

ha! good morning! what a great list. perking my brown cafeinated joy juice now...#4 I am completely with you! love it though its after affects seem to grow each year...#5 very telling about you.nice...#2 a cookie...thanks for a great pic of who you are. great play Ronda!

Leah said...

I loved learning these things about you--and number 1 is so funny. My dog, when he was a puppy, would literally stop and smell flowers, especially at flower stands.

You had me giggling at the image of a grumpy person trying to stuff you into the burlap sack.

Thanks for the morning wake-up humor!

mary said...

Loved all these - I love Micheal and the way the women reacted to him - except Andie "I put a block on you" HA Thanks for a fun wake-up read.

Reya Mellicker said...

How can anything that makes you happy be unimportant??

Very cool list, sistah. Thanks.

Candie Bracci said...

Hello beautiful Ronda!

Nice words here and not unimportant I think.
Smells of shampoo and lotion sounds fine by me.You reminded me of that movie "Michael"..I'm going to tell you a secret,although you maybe know it already and perhaps it's not a secret,some are really smelling something sweet,you know.They do.

Have a beautiful day,as beautiful as your soul.

Ronda Laveen said...

Brain: May your source of caffeinated joy juice never run dry. Here, have some cookies to go with that cuppa. Thanks for the tag. It was fun.

Leah: My dogs still love to smell flowers. When I work in the yard, I try to save a few minutes just to take them a flower or leaf to smell. I so want to have the experience of smelling with the fullness they do.

I always have one eye out for that morning sack. SURVIVAL!

Mary: I love that movie and how Michael evokes such pleasure and joy. End the end, Andie couldn't hold that block though, could she? I read your comment the other day on Reya's site about the ghosts at the church. I'm sure there are ghosts there but I also see angels when I look at your pictures. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

Bloggers: If you haven't been to Mary's blog, St. Mary's, go. She is renovating a 19th century church and making it her home. She is allowing us the privilege of seeing her ongoing project.

Reya: Profound...as always. It is true, how can anything that makes one happy be unimportant. Thanks, sistah.

Candie: You are as sweet as Michael yourself. And as compassionate. You also are brave enough to show your shadow self as willingly as you shine your light. That is very rare.

Ronda Laveen said...

I just wanted to post this comment from my friend, Jeanne. I always new I was not far off in thinking they wanted to plant my perky a** at the bottom of the river.

Jeanne said, "I'll take the challenge & gather my thoughts while flying. I'll try to post them on Mom's computer. When we worked together, the burlap bag DID come to mind a time or two!!
Love you!!"

Baino said...

Well I tend to read your blog in the mornings and it is a picker-upperer! Love the joy juice, in fact it's about time I had some right now. Great six things. Fun init?

Ronda Laveen said...

Baino: Shonufisfun!

Megan said...

That's a pretty cool list. I can't have any of that joy juice right now, I'd be up all night, but I will think of you in the morning!

My lotion is something called 'white tea' that I grabbed at random. But I'm glad I did, I like the smell so much!

Ronda Laveen said...

Megan: White Tea? That sounds fantastic! What brand is good?