Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bad Boyz

Photo: Google Images

In the cool of the evening
When everything is getting kind of groovy
I open the door
And ask you if you'd like to go with me and do some weeding
First you say no, you've got some plans for the night
And then you stop and say all right

Then the world gets kinda crazy when a big ol' cop has his gun out.

He keeps us guessing
We never seem to know what he's a-thinking
A bad guy's hidin' from him
And for sure his flack jacket buddies are helpin'
I get confused cause I don't know where I stand
But then you smile, and say "get back"

The world gets kinda crazy when a big ol' cop has his gun out

Someday cops and robbers will stop this game they're a-playing
Til then, leave the weedin' to when the copter's done straifing
Just like a ghost, that bad boy's haunting our street
And hopefully, he'll soon get beat

The world gets kinda crazy when your quiet 'hood's over run by a gansta
Friday night's kinda crazy when you're caught off guard by a crime war

*Just a little unexpected Friday night excitement in our quiet, little neighborhood. Just a couple hundred yards out my front door across the field a cop with pistol out, two flack jacketed buddies, a helicopter and narc car were scouring for the culprit. Willow would say, it's that Ol' Devil Moon kickin' up his heels.


Jingle said...

what a fun way to show us a crime is unpredictable...
once, a teen who was learning how to drive had her car driven directly toward a garage door, with the house is cross of road from mine, the car was wrecked, the house was shaken and bricks on the wall were shifted by an inch, one car inside the garage was crashed and the glass was turned into thousands of pieces...

Good part: their kids and my kids were not outside, no one is injured or dead...

I was glad that it was a close call to my property...

thank you for sharing!

Brian Miller said...

so can you rap this ronda? digging the new decor around east it added some excitement to your friday you know? smiles.

Mrsupole said...

I like the new look.

Once about 17 years ago the police in my city used my house as their headquarters. They had found out that a wanted man was hiding in a house on the next street and they picked my house to use. It was on the local news. Everyone thought it was pretty cool. Police everywhere, stalking the guy in our back yards. We felt very safe on that day.

But I never want to go through that again. I mean they take over your house and we did not have cell phones back then. Kinda freaks family out when they cannot reach you, but see your house on TV.

I really like that song, it was pretty cool.

Did the cops ever catch the guys? Great picture you have there.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Mum would be so excited if this was happening in her street - I have known her to follow police cars to see what they are doing... but she does live in a village with just ten houses. Nothing EVER happens!!

TechnoBabe said...

It is a bit disconcerting, isn't it, to walk out your door and find law enforcement vehicles and people in flack jackets holding rifles. Hopefully they got their bad guy and your neighborhood is safe again. That happened to me one time in CA as I walked out my door and walked around to my garage and cars were in my drive and people with flack jackets and rifles. I walked over to them and asked what they were doing in my drive and they said someone came through my yard and they had him cornered and for me to get back inside. The nerve! I told them I had laundry to do in the garage and they said it would be safer for me to go back inside my house. I heard it when they got the guy and my goodness, do sweet police people really talk that way????

Nessa said...

Not the kind of Friday excitement you expect. The New Moon sure can stir things up.

Felicitas said...

That's really scary! You've done a wonderful job of helping us all feel like we were apart of the action with your cool rap!

Here's hoping the rest of your weekend is much less eventful!

Sam Liu said...

A fascinating tale, and a fascinating post - expressed in such a unique way which is utterly charming :D

Ronda Laveen said...

Jingle: OMG, that was really a close call. And you are so lucky no one was really hurt.

Brian: Yeah, now that you mention it, I could probalby rap that, Grand Master B. Definitely an exciting evening for us old folks.

Sherry: Wow! That's an awesome story and you should blog that one. I'll bet you did feel safe. I'm not sure if they caught him or not. If he got to the fields behind us, he go travel off road for miles and miles. About a half an hour later, I heard a gun shot but no sirens so don't know what was going on. Pretty unnerving though when you pop your head out the front door and across the street a cop is looking in the ditch for the bad guy with his pistol pulled. And then there were two other guys walking the field with him. CRAZY night!

ED: After a while, a little old lady riding one of those powered wheel chairs with a flag attached, came down the street asking the cops where the guy was. She kept going up and down the road keeping look out. Your mom maybe?

TechnoBabe: Like Sherry, you really need to blog this story. I can just see you informing then that you needed to get to your garage to do your laundry. And, yes, those good guys do talk like that. They don't take kindly to people who make their life harder.

Nessa: Yes, that new moon in Gemini can sure stir up a ruckus. The twins, I guess. Cops and robbers.

Felicitas: Looking forward to a quiet Saturday night. But after that, maybe we'll be too bored.

Sam: No, it is you how is charming:p

T. Anne said...

Your little Friday night excitement sounds familiar. We had a similar incident in our neighborhood not too long ago. The kids were all riled up over it. Turned out to be nothing.

Dorraine said...

Yeah, that crazy ole moon is responsible for all kinds of erratic behavior. So glad you could rap it and zap it, Ronda. That's just like you to whip it into something exciting.

Love the new look around your blog fire. Makes me want to sit a spell.

Ronda Laveen said...

T. Anne: Happy to hear you excitement turned out to be nothing. Can be scary.

Dorraine: I'm a closet rapper. Granny Rap's my name. That ol' moon just keeps stirin' it up. I'm playing with the new Blogger "Design" templates.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Holy catfish!!! What a freaky thing to encounter. Nothing so exciting ever happens around here. But LOVE the way you told us this story. So fun and creative.

Baino said...

You know it's true that the crime rate increases during periods of a full moon. I'm guessing that's the sort of drama you could do without!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Whoa! That is so scary. Hope they caught the bad guy and your neighborhood is back to normal again.


Dave King said...

Oh, that's such an original tack. I loved every word of it. Delightful.

Christina said...

Teehee! Someone's been playing around with the new template designer!! :D Love it!
(I did too, btw.)

As far as the cop story goes: absolutely CREEPY!
But whatchagonna do?

Ronda Laveen said...

Caroline: that's the first time in nearly 35 years we had such an event.

Baino: That ol' moon has some amazing pull on poor old humans.

JJ: they finally did catch him but it was 2 days later. Yikes.

Dave: Thanks. It was fun to try something new.

Christina: I have been playing around with the template. I think I've changed it 3 times already. Kinda fun!

About the cop thing, I'm glad I have 3 dogs:-)

Jen said...

Ghetto birds made regular appearances in my old neighborhood. That's a good time to stay inside with the doors locked. It was exciting, though, wasn't it?

Ronda Laveen said...

Jen: It was exciting! Ghetto birds...I like that!

lena said...

I do not know how come I landed on your blog but I just want to say you have a lovely place here.
This post is really original and fresh. And I bet this scene was really exciting!!

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