Thursday, February 26, 2009

Theme Thursday...Toy

Theme Thursday...Toy

Toys. There are so many kinds. There are quality toys and cheap toys. Hot toys and old, worn out, abused and broken toys. There are marked down toys and high end toys. There are blocks, Lego's, and puzzles. There are Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs. There are dolls with doll houses. Many are stuffed animals that, now days, they call "plush." There are bikes, scooters, wagons and riding toys. Holy atomic pile, Batman, there are cars, trains, and aeroplanes. There are tops, yo-yos and spinning toys. Snakes in a can and Jack-in-the-Box's are surprising toys. We have bats for hitting, balls for soccer, base, foot and baskets, and ropes for skipping, tying and climbing. Some are action toys and rainy day games. Electronics and science and discovery projects are learning toys. There are color crayons, paints, clay, Etch a Sketch's and Doodle Pros. There are sewing and craft toys. Why, heck, there are even monkey toys like the intriguing Sea Monkeys. In my young adult years, I loved boy toys, Toy-otas, and toying with the idea of what my life would be like when I grew up. But my favorite toys of all, are MY toys.

Yes, I admit it. I am a pre-senior--wait, since I'm now over 55, I probably qualify for full-on senior status--science fiction and fantasy Fan Girl. I read and collect comics. I collect action figures and toys. There I've said it! Crone51, do you hear me? Thanks for challenging me to let my Geek Flag fly. My collectors license has been on hold for a few years. This week's theme stirred memories of toys, lying dusty and forgotten, in the toy box.

I have Austin Powers, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Batman, Terminator, and Star Trek figures. Trekkies, I give you the Vulcan salute, "Live long and prosper." I am the protectress of Lady Death, Vampirella and Dawn porcelain figurines. I have The Simpson's in a box. No, it is not a, the age old,

"Careful, Robin.
Hold on to the Bat-Rope
with both hands!"-Batman
"I'll be back!"
Do you have Prince Albert in a can? Yes?
Then let him out!

I REALLY have The Simpson's in a box. In fact, I probably have several Simpson's in boxes. I have The X-File's Dana Scully and Fox Mulder figures...probably all available versions. In case of a blood lust emergency, I have stashed a Buffy the Vampire Slayer silver cross and vial of vamp killing Holy water. I have Todd McFarlane Spawn Action Figures. I have Overtkill. Then there is the Spawn series Jessica Priest and Obersmith. I own figures with bendable arms and dripping entrails and spinning heads. Yeah, me. An overstretched, middle aged, unassuming, guru following female. I have them all...and more. And they are MINE, ALL MINE! You will never, ever find them!

"D'Oh!" -Homer Simpson
The Simpson's (from Left to right):Maggie, Marge, Bart, Homer, Lisa
Scully: Homer, we're going to ask you a few simple yes or no questions. Do you understand?
Homer: Yes. (lie dectector blows up)

Recently, blogger, informed me that she just started a new Facebook group: Geeky Old Ladies Who Love Science Fiction. Quite by accident, I discovered her love of Sci-Fi on a Star Trek post she wrote. Female Sci-Fi fans are a rare species. Ew, Ew...speaking of Species, have you seen the movie lately? I saw it the other night and it was sooo gooood, in a tacky sort of way! Anyway, I haven't visited her there because I haven't created my Facebook account yet. But I will. I know it. I know it as sure as I know my own weight. In the pre-dawn hours of some fateful morning, when all is quiet and every one else is asleep and those old familiar urges start gnawing and scratching and will not be ignored, I WILL go there. And I Will raise my Geek Flag to proudly fly over that new day! GOLWLSF, the truth is out there and so am I.

18" Austin Powers Moon Mission Mini Me

(Musical theme from X-files)

McFarlane Toys


It's an Atttitude


Leah said...

Be out loud and proud flying that flag! I'm right here in Brooklyn with my collections, flying mine as well!

Great post!

Baino said...

Haha Class . . .that's all I have to say . .What, no KISS dolls? You're dragging the chain Ms Laveen!

Mrsupole said...

Seriously, that is a lot of toys, I am not sure if I have even seen most of these toys.

Can I join the club, I have a Facebook site. Let me know when you get one.

I love Sci-Fi. I think I have watched every Star Trek show, from every single spin off too. I love the Stargate series and cannot wait until the new spinoff starts. I miss Stargate Atlantis so much. Star Wars, do I need to say anything else.

To have all those Star Wars toys, oh my. Homer Simpson toys, yes, I love all the toys you have. If I had any more room for "stuff" maybe I would start a toy collection. But the grandkids would find them and play with them. We tried to start collecting train sets and they got into those. But I guess toys are meant to be played with. Plus hubby told them it was okay. I was the one who was upset. It was his set.

Great job for your first TT.

willow said...

Love your kooky collection! I never would have guessed it. ;^)

Candie Bracci said...

Great post.

Cinnamon said...

This is fascinating....because so unexpected! I have never had the patience to collect anything- except books maybe. I hope your collection gives you pleasure for many years to come.
Love the music which accompanies your blog.

VE said...

Nice post! You'll scream to hear I bought my son a Shocker Spiderman villian action figure in package and let him open it and actually play with it...

runmotman said...

Do you have any teenage mutant ninja turtles?
ack! I think we had a hundred at one time. Would love to see your sci-fi reading list.

tut-tut said...

Science Fiction! yes, a list of your favs, please.

Kris said...

Figurines or dollies?

Megan said...

How young do you have to be to join?????

I am not a good collector, like you are, but I know all the words you said in this post!


Mrsupole said...

Hi Ronda,
You guessed it, did we live parallel lives or something? Sci-Fi and toilet paper, oh the fun and imagination we must of had. The hardest one to make was a wedding dress. Someone finally gave us one of those.

Did you make the Chowder today. It is only 63 today and sunny, but such a perfect day. Not hot and not cold. Hubby just picked up a cord of wood today, we were just about out of firewood and oh gonna be such a nice night for a fire in the fireplace, and to sit there and play with my toy. Still gotta a lot of sites to visit.

Let me know about the soup. I'll let you know how these oatmeal cookies turned out, tonight when I bake them.

mary said...

What fun to meet you !! You have an amazing spirit and a great toy stash too! You will love to know that my son - before he went on tour - was a Storm Trooper at the Jedi Training Academy in Disneyland.
Gotta Love It

subtorp77 said...

Ooh! Comic books! Awesome post!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

i'm cracking up!!! i think i qualify as a geeky old lady - shit, in yesterday's post I was quoting jean luc!!!

especially love the boy-toy and toy-ota reference!!!!

thanks for dropping in at the mouse, I loved the visit here and how nice that you have a schedule, I'll be popping in for frequent nibbles!!!! and music to boot. sweet!

Evening Light Writer said...

Toys, I played with them, I had a few that I loved but I relished the toy box more. I would dump out all of my toys and climb into the toy box, I'm not sure if that made me a demented child or not. There was something so reassuring about being crammed into the deep regions of the toy box, oh the heady smell of pressed board wood, cheap and fragrant!

I like your collection, it has character and spunk..two lovely qualities that I attribute to you. I like Sci-fi too. In my book discussion group we read Ursula K. Le Guin! I prefer fantasy though, especially Marion Zimmer Bradley. You've inspired me to take on next thursday's Theme.

Ronda Laveen said...

AKKK, this is the third response I am composing. When will I ever learn to copy it before I try to post. It just wiped my entire comment x2. And it was long.

I'm trying to nicely thank all of you for coming but after an hour and nothing to show for it, I must move on and go to work. You are all amazing. And have amazing endurance. I was happily worn out by my first TT. You have set the bar high. After visiting 40+ wonderful sites I am bushed and I see some of you have new posts coming up.

Yes, I do have TMNTs and McFarlane Kiss dolls and love Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury, Clarke, Chrichton, Gaiman, Eisner, Frank Miller, Moore.

This time I am going to end quickly before comment section crashes again. I am honored that you all stopped here. And immensely enjoyed visiting your sites. GEEK ON!

Watchmen Opens 3/6!

Michael Rawluk said...

This toy theme has to be my favoourite so far. Very cool post here.

tony said...

Oh Toys! So Many! And its so good to keep......Its such a shame to see toys that are thrown away.My local Waste Tip has toys that have been throw away.So Sad.".A Toy Is Not Just For Christmas"!Toys Are Timeless! & they make us "Timeless" Too!

Avid Reader said...

I had an Austin Powers Doll, he had a hairy chest. He got manhandled, lots his clothes...

Avid Reader said...

I love toy shops!!!!!

Avid Reader said...

I meant LOST his clothes. He wanted them removed. You could tell--he had special knickers.

Ronda Laveen said...

Tony: you are so right, toys do make us timeless.

Avid Reader: I would loved to have seen your Austin Powers figure's special knickers.


crone51 said...

ooooh.. Ronda! Lets go see Watchmen together! Oh, right, you're on that other coast. Rats and mice.

I keep thinking of the little boy in Close Encounters who looks up at the alien ships and says " Toyyyyysss!!!!"

Thanks for the linkage and yes, come to facebook. It gets us all eventually.

Ronda Laveen said...

Crone: I totally forgot about that scene in Close Encounters! You are right! That would have been a good theme blog too!

I would love to go to Watchmen w/u if we lived closer. I hope to twist the husband's arm to go with me. I won't have to twist too hard. He may suggest going himself!