Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Archangel Michael Swords of Light

While in Vail, Colorado, we did lots of energy and healing work. In some of the work, we used Archangel Michael Swords of Light. The swords are composed of selenite. It is also called satin spar. Many people know it more commonly as alabaster. They are custom made. A picture of Archangel Michael along with a statement from him, affirming the importance of spiritual work, channeled through Edward Cayce, is embedded within the handle of each wand. They also contain mementos and energy from three different gurus. The swords are alive with vortexes of energy. The vortexes, similar to chakras, emanate energy and colorful light. They are Divine instruments for healers and beings wishing to work with Light for their own benefit.

Selenite is composed of calcium sulfate. Its crystal structure is tabular and it has striations running lengthwise. Originally, selenite crystals formed in clay beds or near hot springs. The selenite, of which these custom wands are created, comes from South Africa.

The swords quickly activate and open the third-eye, crown, and 8th through 14th chakras. The intensity of the energy, as it runs through the selenite, is stronger than almost any other crystal for working with the upper chakras. It can balance and automatically adjust the speed and rotation of the chakras. It is one of the keys to unlocking the etheric chakras and can clear blockages in the energy field. It is ideal for healers because it is perfect for energetic clearing and purification. The Swords of Light can direct high frequency energy into the body to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It is said that when selenite opens the third eye, or inner eye, the spiritual world enters. When other stones and crystals are place on the wand, their strength is greatly magnified.

Having a healing session with one of these instruments is totally mind blowing. I held it over my heart center with both hands wrapped around the hilt. Four other healers stood around me as I lay on a massage table and directed the Creator's source energy through the sword and into my physical and energetic bodies. What I felt is hard to describe. Buzzing. Tingling. Travel back into the time of primordial creation. Timelessness. Peace. Swimming in the Milky Way and beyond. Buzz Lightyear's got nothin' on me. Neither does Major Tom. Back in the day, you would think I was smokin' wacky tabaccy or drinkin' Electric Kool-Aid. But, now days, just give me some selenite, crystals and a couple of powerful energy workers and I'm off. And...I really didn't want to come back. Truly, Planet Earth is a great place to explore but I'm finding there are many, many other places that are also fun to visit.

I don't own one of these fine tools, yet, as they start around $300 and go way up from there. Many of the healers that attended the conference bought them while there. Many others brought their swords with them for the express purpose of doing this work. There were Archangel Michael Swords of Light Healing Sessions going on all over the place for days. In fact, I was surprised that they are so easy to get through airport security. But they are sold with cardboard containers that have capped ends, similar to what you would carry a fishing pole in, except they are shorter. Still...I can only imagine what the airline workers think when the send them through the x-ray machines.

"Be still, my children! Bow thine heads, that the Lord of the Way make
known unto you that have been chosen for service in this period when there is
the need of that spirit being made manifest in the Earth, that the way may be
known to those that seek the Light! For the glory of the Father will be made
manifest through you that are faithful unto the calling where-in thou hast
been called. Ye that have named the name make known in thy daily walks
of life, in the little acts of the lessons that have been building in thine own
experience, through those associations of self in meditation and prayer, that
this way may be known among men: for He calls all--whosoever will may
come--and He stands at the door of thine own conscience, that ye may be
aware the scepter has not departed from Israel, nor have His ways been
in vain: for today, ye will harken, the way is open--I, Michael, call on

Archangel Michael's statement channeled through Edgar Cayce on
September 4, 1932


Mrsupole said...

Ground control to Ronda now,
Thank you for sharing with us how,
To travel to a wonderful place.
It is great that you went to outer space,
And next time you go, can I also go along,
Please know that to not take me is wrong,
For I need to feel all that healing,
Because all this pain is constantly stealing,
My enjoyment of doing things in life.
I really need your help to end this strife.
So please take me with you to the light,
I thank you for letting me hope you might.

Mrsupole said...

I really am enjoying learning so much and that you got to go through all of this. Isn't it great to have those feelings and experience that you felt. I can see that they taught you all a lot. And yes it is strange that they let the knives through the x-ray machines. Makes one wonder how well those security people are doing their job. But at the same time I am glad that everyone there got them through so that you could have this wonderful experience.

God bless.

PS...I hope you like the poem. But now the song is in my head and so I just could not stop myself.

Brian Miller said...

when they stop you at the airline just yell there can be only one...lol. actually your work/spirituality is pretty facinating.

Candie Bracci said...

Really nice Ronda!Thanks for sharing.I'm sure the energy emaning from those swords must be really powerful!Have a nice week!:)

Ronda Laveen said...

Sherry: I loved your poem! You are getting back to yourself slowly but surely. I will cherish your words and will take you with me to the Light. I would love to try a sword on your shoulder. It could certainly help.

Brian: HA! You are so funny! I will try what you suggest. Just imagining it makes me laugh. Are you going to bail me out of jail? I'll need friends. The more I learn, the more fascinated I get with this energy work.

Candie: You're welcome. Yes, I know you would really feel the energy and would do well with this work. You are very sensitive to the energy.

TechnoBabe said...

So good to read your energy in your post and "hear" your memories of your experience.

Ronda Laveen said...

Thanks, TechnoBabe. I like your style.

Leah said...

I read Michael's statement through Cayce several times, and it gives a good feeling--especially resonant with me was the idea, if I understood it, of the spiritual energy and light made manifest through "...thy daily walks of life...the little acts of the lessons that have been building..."

I'm always searching for the sacred where it can be found in the everyday. That's part of what I read there.

Anyway, this is really inspiring.

otin said...

I am actually named for Michael the Archangel!

Nice to have you around Ronda!!

Ronda Laveen said...

Leah: Your interpretation is exactly how I read it also. That the sacred is in everything, everyday. It is not separate from us or in a special place, temple or church. It can be there but it is also in us. Walk it. Live it. Be it. Oh, yes! I also found interesting the statement the scepter has not departed Israel.

Otin: You are named for Michael? No wonder you are so special:-)

Christina said...

Ok, this is going to be totally inappropriate and a complete spirituality killer, but I am going to ask anyway: can you guess what I thought of when I looked at the first photograph? :-o

Second question: Do you think I am completely hopeless and veeery baadly in need of some clearing and purification work?

Shame on me...

Thanks Ronda, for your comment. I am going to delete the creepy lady now, though because I was just testing something and got my answer.

Christina said...

Also: Hey! Your alignment is finally back to normal! Yay! Looks great! What did you do?

Ronda Laveen said...

Christina: I never thought of the swords that way :-o but you are so right. I don't think you are inappropriate. I think you are hilarious! I can check out esoteric stuff and still have a great sense of humor. I'll bet you are a kick in person.

You know what? I didn't do anything with my alignment. Whatever was wrong with it, it finally fixed itself 'cause I couldn't figure it out. Thanks for letting me know that it looks okay. Can't wait to see your version of the the scary photo.

Ronda Laveen said...

Christina: P.S. I kinda feel sorry the woman that might fit that long skinny one.

Reya Mellicker said...

Just the pics of the swords opened my third eye. I used to have an obsidion dagger. That thing was so powerful, maybe a bit too powerful - or you could say that I didn't know how to use it.

Very cool!!

Mrsupole said...

Hi Ronda,

I took my blog off of it's break and did my first post today. I hope everyone enjoys it. It was fun to finally come back.

God bless.

otin said...

Do I have to come to California for my back rub, or do you want to come here??:))

Ronda Laveen said...

An obsidian dagger? Wow! We have a lot of obsidian around here and I've seen large arrow heads but never a dagger. Yes, I think there is a learning curve with those powerful tools. One of my friends can't walk for an hour or more after she receives a session. It has happend both times she has had one where they used the sword. Totally wacks out her nervous system.

Sherry: I am so glad you are back in the groove. I know it will take you a while but you'll get there.

Otin: I can come there. Where are you?