Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bipolar Holiday Weekend

Gosh, it's cold today! 54 degrees and raining with thunderstorms and hail expected this afternoon. A-n-d it's snowing around 4500 feet. I took pity on the dogs, wet from head to toe and making little, pitiful crying noises at the laundry porch door. The girls are 10 years old so I cave in a lot faster these days. Laid down a towel to catch their muddy paws and wiped them so they could come inside. Contentedly sleeping, right beside me, on their pillows, they are. Serenading me with light snoring. Wet dog smell rising as they dry. Maaco the Houdini Dog went to work with the Wonder Husband because I had to be gone for a bit and thunderstorms unstick his glue.

Some kick off to Memorial Day weekend, huh? It's usually hotter than a Chipotle chili by now. I think this is the first May on record that we've not had any 90 degree days. But the deluded beings who call themselves weather forecasters, say that within 48 hours, this bipolar weather pattern is going to turn itself around. We're going from the 50s today to the 80s or higher by Saturday.

So if you want to head up to our gorgeous north state, Lake Shasta is full and boat ready. I also heard, on last night's news, that there's going to be snow skiing at some of the resorts through Memorial Day. I didn't catch where though. Theoretically, there could be water skiing and snow skiing going on at the same time. That's what I call EXTREME skiing.

I'm an "on the fly" kinda girl. In a heartbeat, I can switch from hot chocolate and marshmallows to Margaritas with salsa and chips. And it looks like this weekend, I may get a bit of both.


Brian Miller said...

margaritas, chips and salsa and 80 degree weather...can you send me directions? smiles.

willow said...

Well, it certainly is warm in my neck of the woods. Just blame it on the old devil moon. Enjoy the sampling of both weathers!

Jingle said...

nice place to be.
Happy Thursday!

TechnoBabe said...

Well, shucks, the title mislead me, I thought you were going to talk about the you know, bipolar thing like my hubby has. I thought someone in your family maybe. Oh well, I guess bipolar weather is interesting. Ha.
A lot easier to live with though let me tell ya! I like that you are ready for whatever, so whether you have hot chocolate or margaritas, have a wonderful holiday weekend. We plan to barbecue no matter what the weather is because the grill is just inside the garage. Roll up the big door and there it is, ready for action.

Ronda Laveen said...

Brian: I will if the 80s show up...I just hope its sans the big hair bands.

Willow: That ol' devil moon can certainly turn the heat up:-)

Jingle: If it warms up, it will be.

TechnoBabe: Sorry to suck you in with the title. I only have a peripheral knowledge of bipolar disorder in humans. I recognize it in weather and dogs but no one in my family that I'm aware of...some depression though. The bipolar weather is probably easier to live with than people. Enjoy the BBQ...I'll be doing the same.

Christina said...

The weather's weird this spring across the planet, I think.
Over here it's unusually warm and I could swear some trees look like fall already!?!?!

I guess that volcano in Iceland didn't help either...

What the hey, let's get those Margaritas going! :D

Megan said...

Strangeness down here as well, lately. I can't remember a colder May, although I'm sure there have been such - even within my memory, a thing that seems to be dimmer and dimmer these days!

Oh, well, let's have a margarita and toast the old days, whatever they were like!


Ronda Laveen said...

Christina and Megan: On my way to pick up the blender and ice. Back soon.

Mrsupole said...

Oh I love those strawberry margaritas and I think we might make it into the 90's this weekend. It says 87 is expected and whenever they say that then we make it into the low 90's.

And this bipolar weather has been wrecking havoc on my arthritis in my shoulder. I have now turned into a rain predictor. I do not even have to watch the weather reports anymore because I just tell Hubby that it must be getting ready to rain in a few days and sure enough it does. I am oh so loving this cool weather though and all this rain.

I know that you probably get ten times as much as we do but then I live in the almost desert area and that means we do not get much rain in a normal year. This year we have had almost double the normal amount. The fields that would normally not have flowers for years are filled with wild flowers. There are plants in the desert that will lie dormant for years just waiting for the one year that it rains above normal and this was the year. So there are plants not seen by some people until they become adults that are out there blooming.

So I am thinking that this has been a wonderful bipolar weather year. A very blessed year indeed.

Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend and BBQ to your hearts content. Remember that I will be toasting you with my margarita or glass of wine.

God bless.

Dave King said...

Just make sure you have a great time!

Stacy Post said...

Happy Memorial weekend, Ronda! It's been crazy hot here with erratic rainfalls. But that means we've seen a lot of rainbows. Enjoy the crazy weather while it lasts!

Jen said...

It's supposed to be great camping weather in the hill country this weekend. If all goes according to plan, I'll be sleeping in a tent.

Have a margarita for me.

Leah said...

The weather is wild here too--one day 90 degrees, the next cool and rainy.

I read your last few posts about Maaco, and my heart went out to all of you. I relate to it all for reasons I won't go into here...

You are a good soul.

Leah said...
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jinksy said...

Topsy turvy weather seems to be a global happening at the moment...Sublime to rediculous!

joanny said...

We can use sunshine and warm dry air here in the Pacific North West -- raining everyday -cold wet yuck....although we had a small break in the weather yesterday it didn't rain for a couple of hours.

Please pass the margaritas salsa and dip . . . while relaxing on the house boat floating in Lake Shasta, oh he good life.

Have a fun relaxing week end

Ronda Laveen said...

Sherry: you make those desert flowers seem seem so beautiful. I wish I could see the.


Stacy: yep, rainbows are the gift of rain.

Jen:hope u be a happy campera. Will definitely have a margarita for you.

Leah: not sure why but you're breakin' my heart here.

Jinksy: fro the ridiculuos to the got that right.

Joanny: you have a great weekend too and I'll send you some sunshine if we get any. Cheers!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Ronda, love those flowers in your garden.

Sheesh, you are having some crazy weather but it sounds like it doesn't get you down! Hopefully the weatherman will be accurate and you'll have a wonderful long Memorial Day weekend.

Thanks for your kind words on my post about my late friend, Mrs. Smith. I really appreciate it.

Have fun this weekend whatever the weather is!

lettuce said...

bipolar - yes! thats just how the weather is at the mo.

keep warm and dry

Deanna Schrayer said...

That seems so strange Ronda - cold in California, hot in Virginia. It's been 80 or above here all month, usually between 85-90, and we've had all kinds of crazy storms. Just yesterday a few big ones passed through, knocking out my internet access and ticking me off. But sometimes that's a blessing in disguise. I actually worked on the novel since I couldn't be on line.

The best thing about the warm weather though is that my peonies are blooming bright pink and gorgeous! I'll take the humidity if it means having these lovely flowers to look at.

Ronda Laveen said...

JJ: You're welcome! We will have a nice weekend. The weather does make for a longer flowering period for us all to enjoy.

Lettuce: Tis a wild, wild ride, weather wise, right now. Sounds like for you too!

Deanna: I know what you mean about the lack of Internet being both a blessing and a curse. And the weather too! I hope you post a picture of your peonies. The flowers are loving this weather.

Baino said...

Yep cold and rainy down under as well. Perfect for catching up on neglected bloggers and hugging the heater. Go for broke. Margaritas first then hot chocolate for dessert!