Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sea of Validation

Since last year, when both of my hard drives failed in my old computer, I've been suspended in binary aggravation. The new PC, I was so excited to shell out money for, was to be the answer to all of my computing troubles.


My astrologer friend, Kristin, of Star Diviner, warned me not to purchase it when I did because of Mercury retrograde. There are often lots of problems with communication, technology and machines during retrogarde. Since I didn't have a choice, she cautioned me to prepare for the possibility of a rocky future and, by all means, get a service contract. For the first time in my life, I did. I am grateful to her for her advice.

From day one, there was a steady stream of problems with the new computer. Too many to bore you with, really. Suffice it to say that I've spent countless hours on the phone with tech support from several companies and made many trips to the Big Box Store where I purchased the machine. I have a folder the size of a small book documenting my travails.

I can geek speak with the best of 'em now and I've got their check-in procedure down. I know the scans to start, the correct paperwork to pull, which lines to print on and which to sign. I know the routine better than some of their newest staff. In fact, I heard a rumor that I'm getting my own Geek Girl name tag and my invite to the company picnic is in the mail.

Every time I had it serviced, they said they couldn't reproduce the problems and that it passed its diagnostic tests.
In time, I came to feel like they thought I was exagerating the severity.
Sometimes they tweaked a little something and told me it should work now.
Each time I prayed they were right, but they were wrong.
At all times, I was locked into this cycle of sordid techno-masturbation.

Until today, that is, when Uber Geek, Steve, called to tell me that the diagnostics showed the hard drive and processor were failing. On one foot, I feel validated that a problem was finally found. The tower will be sent out to Big Box Repair Station for replacement parts. It will take 2-3 weeks. On the other, that is a long time to have to share the lap top with the Wonder Husband. Swimming in the Sea of Validation isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

I can do this...right? If I can share a bathroom with the man, surely I can make this work. Oh, it will have to be carefully negotiated, of course. And scheduling will be tight. I will be hobbled and limping around ether-space for a while but, hopefully, it will all be worth it when the repaired PC finally, FINALLY performs as it should.

But, I'm not fully convinced that's going to happen either. I've been sucked in way too many times for blind faith. I may yet end up being the crazy lady in the parking lot of Big Box Store, picketing with a huge sign that reads:


and serving complimentary lemonade to passersby. If you see me, you'll wave and give a friendly nod won't you?


Naturedigital said...

What i read in your story.. is Murphy's law.. applying to your case.
Hope your computer problems are all cured soon and no more trouble come your way.
Beautifuil pghotograph.

Brian Miller said...

i will come by and see you ronda. i like lemonade...on the other hand, lemons of this nature not so much...ack.

Dave King said...

You have my sympathy. I had a similar experience when my hard drive failed. I took the tower back to the shop where the machine was assembled. They replaced it and seemingly all was well, but in truth it has never been what it was before that. It drags and from time to time goes off in little daydreams. Where to, I have no idea.

joanny said...


You do know we are in the middle of another mercury retrograde until May 11th and a few days after with the shadow effect -- now don't you? Hopefully they will fix it after that time....


Mrsupole said...

Sometimes I wonder why we just do not just chuck all these "toys" into the trash and have an easier lifestyle. Then I get back on my laptop or phone and do something else. Then I program the DVR and cook something in the microwave and say "Nah", I am not ready to just yet. I have this love/hate relationship with them and so it goes.

Hope your laptop gets fixed. Two weeks will go by faster then you think. Just wait till WH goes to sleep and then you can get online. Play classical music after dinner and he will be asleep before you know it.

God bless.

Jingle said...

Of course,
I would love seeing you...
Happy Thursday!

TechnoBabe said...

I hate hearing these stories. I know how frustrating it is. So sorry you are drinking sour lemonade. 2-3 weeks is a long time. I thought you were going to say they were sending you a new one. As always, you write with humor and aplomb. Chin up, dearie. By the way how was your Cinco de Mayo?

Kristin said...

Ahhh, very interesting "grasshopper", you are sending your crazy machine back like Joanny said, during another Mercury retrograde. And...that is just fine and dandy! A MR time encourages going over things from the past and REvisiting, REviewing, REvamping, REPAIRING. It's all good, you will get it back when Mercury which rules electrical devices, communication, contracts, emailing, and a host of other things has changed direction. Retrograde is an astronomical term used to describe the optical illusion of planets moving backward in the sky from one day to the next apparently from the earths point of view, planets don't stop and move backward of course).
My web person moved out of town so we dropped our activity around making some needed changes to my website for an extended period. She RETURNED and we are now REVAMPING my whole site. I am beside myself with happiness...
Just be sure next time, and promise that you will consult me first on buying ANY major purchase, ANYTHING that you want to invest in where you want quality, dependability, and longevity. By the way I've had my Dell computer for 12 or so years now. I bought a 4 year contract and have used it twice. The only thing I've had to buy is another hard drive and more RAM, big deal...Consulting an astrologer will save you big bucks and more ease of living in the long run.

Now, perhaps Rhonda, you had some kind of subconscious urge or need to learn some ins and outs of the computer tech world? After all, you are an Aquarius and that sign rules computers and technology! Naaa, it was a freaking mess and took up a bunch of your precious time. Time that you could have spent massaging a whole lot of our bodies, relieving us of the soreness in our crimped up computer hands and arms, soothing the knots out of our hunched shoulders while with closed weary eyes we melt into the gentle ambiance of your of your magical tree house sanctuary. Ahhh......
So, what's your schedule like today? Call me!

willow said...

Uh-oh. Lemon computers are a pain in the butt. That Mercury sure can stir up trouble.

Jai Joshi said...

Well ain't that just typical!

I'll share you're lemons, Ronda, you poor thing. I had a few issues with the internet myself a couple of weeks ago. Spent hours and hours on the phone. Like you I know the phone procedure like the back of my hand now. The next day I had to have a tech specialist come to my house to figure out the problem. It went on and on until finally at the end of the day, he fixed it.


Christina said...

Hmmm.... lemon
I certainly will! And I'll wave to you at the library as well where we're going to sit across from each other surfing the net! ;)

(You know I am soooo blessed to have my own personal geek at home. Wouldn't know what to do without him, really...)

Ronda Laveen said...

Naturedigital: Yes, anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. The photograph of the lighthouse is from the sample photos that came with the computer. I wish I could capture the world that well.

Brian: I like lemonade too. Good thing I guess, because I've got an awful lot of lemons.

Dave: I had to smile when I got to the part about your computer dragging from time to time and going off to daydream. For some reason, the first image that popped into my head was that of my mother in the early and mid stages of Alzheimer's. Perhaps I just diagnosed your computer ills.

Joanny: I was afraid we were in retrograde again. I hope they fix it after the 11th too. Probably will because it wasn't getting shipped out until yesterday or today. Thanks for the heads up.

Sherry: I sometimes wonder why we don't just chuck it all to, at times. But this technology is here now and needs to be used. I just wish repair policies weren't so archaic.

Jingle: We'll have a lovely visit.

TechnoBabe: I thought they were going to send me a new one too, but I think Uber Geek Steve's minion said that it had to be sent out for major repair and fail 4x before that happens. That is plain ol' un realistic.

Ronda Laveen said...

Kristin: Hey, Girlfriend! Thanks for dropping by! And thanks for the good news about the timing of
REvamping, REvisiting, REviewing and repairing my computer. Finally, a good sing on the horizon. Can't wait to see your website revisions. You are right in some respects, I have learned a lot more about computers than I knew before. But, yes, that education has eaten up a lot of time I could have been soothing the body and spirit. See you soon.

Willow: They are a pain in the butt, a problem I am usually uniquely qualified to handle. I'm really good with the flesh and blood kind. Mercury can certainly frappe our orderly little world into a frothy mess at times.

Jai: I am happy to hear that your techno problems have settled down. Here's your glass of lemonade, dear.

Christina: Oh, yeah! The library, like a laundramat, is not ideal but at least one can get the job done. I so wish Wonder Hubby was a geek. I guess I shouldn't complain, although I do, because he can do and fix anything else. I am spoiled in that way but would loved to be even more so. I am the closest thing to the geek in our family but my knowledge only goes so far.

JGH said...

The worst thing about problems like this is that they're such TIME suckers, you know? Who has time to deal with this stuff?!. My husband gets on a roll and stays up all night, but I just don't have the stamina. Hope you get to the bottom of everything soon!

otin said...

Boy, you really did pick a lemon!!!

I hopre that you and the hubby don't kill each other over the use of the laptop! haha

Ronda Laveen said...

Reya: That vodka lemonade is sounding better and better every minute. So does that Mac. In fact, I would probably be quite popular if I served vodka & lemonade during my peaceful protest. I think some of these new businesses have forgotten that we grew up with sit-ins. And at my age, I could give a rip if I get arrested for peaceful protest. I love new ways of making friends.

JGH: You are right about the GIANT TIME SUCK. It is just draining to keep doint the same things over and over, like the move Groundhog Day. At least Bill Murray eventually got somewhere. I'm not sure I will. I am like your husband though, and my husband is like you. I'm the one who will stay up all night working out a problem. His internal workings just can't do that.

Otin: If we do kill each other, guess who I'm picking to write the story?

Anonymous said...

I love your response to Otin!!

Murphy's law indeed!

Baino said...

Well your clairvoyant is probably now saying 'I told you so'. Silly sausage. Then in my pragmatic and less ethereal world. You just bought a Friday job! Take it back. Start over. Oh and have a good weekend!

Dorraine said...

Oh, double yuck! I feel for you, Ronda, and can only imagine how frustrated you are right about now. Here's hoping it all works in your favor. Very soon. Hang in there! Muah xoxo

DUTA said...

Sometimes it so happens we buy a new device and it soon appears that it has a "birth defect". This is mostly frustrating, and when it happens insist on getting another new one from the shop and not a repair.
In principle, I'm not for a service contract or dependence on tech people. The owner should and could learn to manage the device by himself. Good Luck!

Ronda Laveen said...

ED: Otin's response to my response was: that it could very likely end up a comedy.

Baino: I wish I could take it back and start over but they want to "repair." We'll see. I love the term silly sausage. Right behind you on that weekend thingy.

Dorraine: I am working on it and "muah" back.

DUTA: If you can replace hard drives and processors, I am in total awe of your talent. They should give me a new one. Neither I, nor they, should have to be repairing it is so new.

Felicitas said...

That Mercury retrograde is a bitch! Let us know if you need to picket and we'll all be sure to drop by for some refreshments.

Have a great weekend Ronda!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Perhaps it's your electromagnetic energy that is throwing a wrench into the works???? -J

Megan said...

There was a time there was only one computer in this house. It was a dark, dark time.

Deanna Schrayer said...

Oh Ronda, I feel for you. I had to share hubby's laptop for a couple weeks during my Christmas vacation when, on the very first day of vacation time, I dropped mine and shattered the screen. Of course I didn't have support, so I had to buy a whole new one.

Kristin is right - every technical device I've purchased during Mercury retrograde has had problems. I now pay close attention to the stars before shelling out money.

Working in IT, I know that scenario all too well - people saying something is wrong with their computer, and then the geeks being unable to reproduce it, (I'm not one of the geeks - just their babysitter). BUT, we do believe them, (at least our team does); it just usually takes several times before they can get the problem to appear. Maybe it has to do with star alignment. :)

I do hope you get everything back, and in good order, very soon so you don't have to picket and sell lemonade. :)

sheri... said...

oh yes i sure will (wave and smile)!! i hope your transition period with hubby will go well because i just can't imagine it at my house! i'd be hovering over and around him, filling up his tea glass everytime it was so close to empty...hey, he's got to leave the chair sometime, eh?
good luck!

little hat said...

I thought it was illegal to use mercury in computers. Or am i missing something? Whoever invented computers had clearly done a lot of research into creating 'lemons' nightmares frustration and employment opportunities for technicians.

Joanna Jenkins said...

You poor thing! That would drive me crazy. I hope the repair time flies by FAST.

Hang in there!

Ronda Laveen said...

Felicitas: Yes, it is and Yes I will.

Jayne: may have a point. I have been working on my energy lately.

Megan: We only had one computer until February when we had to buy another one because the PC was to constantly be out to the shop or out of service. Don't know how we did it. My needs are increasing and the husbands e-business is getting busier and busier.

Deanna: I hope the time flies by fast too. I understand the geeks position too. I've been in service industry all my life. And I'm sure Mercury retrograde is a bitch for them too. That being said, when a thing doesn't work, a thing doesn't work. I hope I don't have to picket either but I will wage a e-based campaign they won't soon forget.

Sheri: I can feel when he comes in the house and I'm on the compture. I can just feel "the hover." Watching and waiting for me to move off...just for an instant so he can assume the positon. I like your tea idea. If I fill that glass enough, sooner or later, he will have to get up.

Little hat: ahh...I see the entire problem for a different point of view now. And, yes, it can create increased sales and employment opportunities. Mercury, not withstanding.

JJ: I'm hoping the time moves on quickly too. Thanks.

Jingle said...

Happy Mother's Day, Ronda!
Enjoy A Beautiful Time!

Mrsupole said...

Happy Mother's Day Ronda.

Just wanted to stop on by and let you know I was thinking of you and I hope you have a great day. And your mom will be with you in spirit, maybe have a BBQ in honor of her. Well unless she had another tradition. I love hearing about her and her traditions. You were blessed to have her.

God bless.

Barbara Martin said...

Once I bought a DVD/VHS player during the last few days of Mercury Retrograde. Biggest mistake ever. It died within a couple of months never to play again.

Now, I only purchase electronic items several weeks away from any Mercury Retrograde, and they are all happy in my home performing their duties.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Ergggg...hate it when these things happen. We had a video camera that had issues with ,well, not working, and we sent it in to be fixed 4 times, and it was never fixed. We finally gave up and bought a new one. Sometimes, technology really stinks. Especially when it comes to a hard drive that has all your precious work on it. What a bummer. I hope the issues get resolved soon.

Anonymous said...

Malfunctioning gadgets are included in my top frustrations. Can I have a lemonade?^^

w3c said...

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