Thursday, June 17, 2010

Massage Marathon

Yesterday was another one of those really, really long days. Doing 12 to 14 hours of massage is definitely a marathon. Ask any therapist. During fall and winter, I pull those on a regular basis and get in the zone. But as spring and summer come, the warm weather invites outside activities. My clients are swimming, hiking, boating, vacationing, and taking care of kids so I get a little softer schedule. Then SLAM***ZAP***POW, out of no where, I get my gluteus maximus kicked.

The Force is strong right now with the Solstice wheeling into view. Over time, I've learned to manage my energy better, to not let it buck me off my path and slam me into the ground. I've learned to stay in the now and not moan and groan and fret about all the kinked up bodies that are lined up waiting to lay on my table and receive the undivided attention of my kneading hands.

People can feel it when we therapists are not centered. Even if they can't put their finger on why, they don't like it at all. It makes them feel unsettled. For me, meditation has come to be in every breath, ever second, and every heartbeat. Yesterday I uncapped a bottle of Lavender essential oil, took a big snort and let the the good vibes flow.

Yee Haw!


Nessa said...

I couldn't imagine giving massages all day long. Wouldn't mind getting one that long though.

Ronda Laveen said...


I think even after getting one all day long I'd say, "What do you mean my time is up?"

Brian Miller said...

i am just envisioning how i would feel after a 12-14 hour massage...maybe like jello...oh wait thats not what you meant...smiles.

TechnoBabe said...

Lavender oil, oh yeah. I should get some and maybe hubby and I can take turns using oil on our sore backs. Both of us have sore muscles. I bet you are an awesome massage therapist, Ronda. You have such a good attitude and loving spirit.

willow said...

Keep those good vibes flowin'!! Wish you lived near WM!

Megan said...

Sending you good vibes. I see I have missed a few posts! Will catch up!

Joanna Jenkins said...

12-14 hours of massage would be the end of me! That must be exhausting! You are GOOD!

notesfromnadir said...

Lavender -- the most versatile EO out there. It's a blender or good on its own. As you know it's great for getting you back in balance. I'm sure you have a lot on hand given what you do! :)

Ronda Laveen said...

Brian: Jello is an apt description either way:-)

TechnoBabe: Lavender is good for calming but there are others that are better for sore muscles. Basil being a fine one. Peppermint, Wintergreen, camphor. You want oils that warm. Arnica is also very good.

Willow: I wish I lived near WM too. I would love to see it!

Megan: I'm lovin' the good vibes around right now.

JJ: Long hours are exhausting but definitely manageable. I've learned how to pace my work after doing it for so many years.

Notes: Lavender is definitely the most versatile EO around. That and peppermint are always close at hand.

Jingle said...

what fun,
i mean you are joking at yourself...
what brave post.
Happy Thursday Evening!

joanny said...

Some body of light angels work harder then the rest of us....cannot image how my hands and mind and spirit would feel after all of that. You are a healer woman for sure--
send some of your healing energy up my way, yes my soul is old -- and feeling heavy these days.

DUTA said...

I suppose when You're blessed with good hands, vast knowledge , a kind heart - like you are - then you don't feel the 12 hours; time passes smoothly.

I keep two kind of oils at home: lavender because of its therapeutic properties , and almond oil because I like its smell.

Subby said...

I could go for a massage at least that long, heh...oh my achin'...everything!

Too much work!

And I trust you had a nice footsie soak afterwards?

Sam Liu said...

This is indeed a fascinating insight into your work and life, thank you for sharing and being so candid :D

Dorraine said...

Your clients are so lucky to be in your kind hands, Ronda. Take good care of yourself, too! Keep sniffing that Lavender oil!

Baino said...

Look on the bright side, you must have very soft hands with all that massage oil. Man I wish I lived closer, I love the odd massage! I burn lavendar oil in my oil burner, perhaps that's why I'm feeling a littl zen these days! Have a lovely weekend, hope the schedule backs off a little.

Ronda Laveen said...

Jingle: If I can't laugh at myself, I probably can't laugh at much.

Joanny: Sending you Light...and lots of it to lighten your soul.

DUTA: Time does pass seamlessly when I am working like seems all time and no time at all. Almond oil is so good for your skin and your face. It doesn't clog the pores. I love it too.

Subby: Sounds like you really need a massage. Check out a therapist in your area. I'm sure he/she could help your achy-breaky bod.

Sam: Thank you. After nearly 20 years, I still think it is fascinating.

Dorraine: I have the most wonderful clients in the world! I really do and give thanks every day for them.

Baino: I do have soft hands for all that moisturizing. But then, no one likes a therapist with craggy, snaggy skin. I'm sure the lavender oil you diffuse helps your "zen" feeling. I love lavender.

Mrsupole said...

With the way I have been feeling the past few days I am thinking I could really use a massage. Too much pollen being released still. We keep having these cool then hot days and so the plants keep going crazy releasing their pollen. And due to so much rain the pollen count must really be high or my lungs have never fully recovered from that lung infection I had a few months ago.

I am like a serious wheezing machine lately. I was holding the grandbaby the other day and he fell asleep, so I laid down on the bed with him on my chest to take a nap with him. I was wheezing so loud that it almost sounded like snoring. Then a few times he would push on my chest and it was almost like he was pushing the air out of my lungs. I barely could breath each time he did that. After I moved him over I was okay.

I am thinking that if this wheezing does not stop soon then I will have to have another doctor visit. I am so tired of seeing doctors and it is nice to go a few months without seeing one.

God bless.

Ronda Laveen said...

Oh, Sherry, I do so hope you feel better without going to the doctor. The image I have you you and your grandson lying down was so sweet. I do know what you mean about the pollen though. My ears are constantly clogged.

Deanna Schrayer said...

Lavender oil, huh? Uh...yea Ronda, we believe you. ;)

I cannot imagine having to do anything with my hands for that long at a time, much less working kinks out of people's bodies. You are to be commended, and massaged yourself!