Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For the Love of Heaven and Earth

Skimming out of sight with the fading, fractional moon, my favorite day of the year, Summer Solstice, is gone. Done. Over. Fini.

I awoke, sitting straight up in bed, at 4:25 a.m. yesterday. A few minutes later, I felt the tumblers clunk into place as the planets aligned for solstice at 4:28. As always, I surfed the energy of the cosmos. I welcomed the additional boost, that galactic kick in the pants that comes from the shifting of time, into my work day.

The ancient Druids' celebrated solstice as the wedding of Heaven and Earth. What a hot, passionate union this couple ignite.

Happy summer, my friends! It's official now.


Baino said...

That is indeed good news because it means our days will get lighter and summer's on it's way . . (wishful thinking actually, a couple of months of chilly to go!) Enjoy!

Elisabeth said...

I agree with Baino, for us the winter solstice means that our days down under will begin to lengthen, the available day light that is,so we look forward to spring again.

Ours is a cold winter this year and I look longingly towards your posts at the moment so full of warmth and colour.

It seems only yesterday that everywhere in the northern hemisphere was covered in snow. Now it's our turn for the cold, but with very little snow, except on our few mountain tops. Our skiers now long for snow.

Happy solstice.

Dave King said...

... with a honeymoon to follow?
Enjoyed the post, esp the tumblers clunking into place.

Brian Miller said...

happy solstice ronda...what a hot one indeed...was hoping for some rain to cool it down yesterday, but...so did you flop like a fish? smiles.

Jill said...

AAAAAhhhhh, YES! Summer!!!!
I particularlyl love the way YOU put it Ronda....welcoming the additional boost, that galactic KICK!"


Gemel said...

Happy summer for you, winter for me :-)

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Ronda, We have been looking forward to summer here. Strange bursts from above in our area this past week. Lots of thunder and lightening and plenty of rain. Hubby can't keep the grass mowed quick enough the rain is making everything grow so fast. But today is supposed to get to 90F. Someone has a sense of humor, it isn't the weather man and it is probably Mother Nature in cahoots with someone higher up.

Mrsupole said...

And soon the hot times will begin. I am not looking forward to temps over 110 degrees. I like it to be about 75 degrees all the time. Menopause never seems to end and you know how hot we seem to get. I barely wear a sweater in the winter time because I am basking in the cold air.

But if you like summer then I am happy for you. So Happy Solstice to you. I really hope that sometime I get back to enjoying summer. I think I need to get a swimming pool so I can live in it during the summer months. But then again I need to stay out of the sun, so I am in a catch 22 situation.

We are gonna go into the low 90's this week and that sucks too, but not as bad as 110, so I will not complain too much. Keep the dogs cool cause they are old enough to be in doggie menopause, males or females can have it. Poor babies.

God bless.

Jai Joshi said...

Being a summer I'm in my natural habitat wherever the sun is shining and the days are long. Happy Summer!


Jai Joshi said...

Oops, typo! What I meant to say way: "Being a summer baby..."


The Silver Fox said...

June is passing way too quickly!

willow said...

Happy Summer!!!

(gosh, I'm ready for fall)

Reya Mellicker said...

Feels like midsummer to me. I think of Beltane as the birthday of summer. The moon is waxing, coming into the fullness that will accompany the grand cross on Saturday. There's also going to be an eclipse. I'll be so curious to read how that stellar arrangement affects you.

You are mighty!!

Sam Liu said...

It truly is a very mysterious day, one which excites me greatly - because the summer is officially here! :D

Ronda Laveen said...

Baino: Yes, you are heading into the light, and we, though still warm are heading into the darkness. At least you know warm days are on their way.

Elisabeth: It seems only a short time ago to me, also, that we were looking toward this day as hope. Up here in northern California, our skiers finally got a great ski season going nearly to Memorial Day. That is rare for us. May your skiers get snow.

Dave: A honeymoon shall surely follow these to lovers.

Brian: Maybe you'll get a bit of cool today. No, I haven't done the fish flop yet. But I am getting ready to practice it during my workout in a few minutes. I think I'm also going to work on a standing version that can be done in any situation.

Jill: I'm always looking for an extra boost where ever I can find it! I'm not as young as I once was.

Gemel: That's right! We're backward from each other. Happy winter.

TechnoBabe: We've had a trickster here as well. We are usually into 100 degree days by now but, somehow, each week we're still getting some lovely 70 and 80 degree days:-) I could get used to this but I'd probably be sorry.

Ronda Laveen said...

Sherry: Despite the blasting heat and menopause, I do like summer. You bring up an interesting thought about dogs and menoupause. But then, mine are spayed and neutered. I guess they could have surgically induced hormone fluctuations. Whatever is going on with them, and extra dog bisquit seems to fix it:-)

Jai: I should have guessed you were a summer baby. You are so bright and warm.

Dave: Yes, it is almost the 4th of July. Guess we'll be back in winter soon enough.

Willow: I love fall. It is my favorite season. But me thinks your noodle recipe is sounding like a wonderful, cool summertime meal. Mmm....

Reya: I always wondered about why they call the solstice midsummer. Maybe that is why. Beltane could be the birth of summer in our area as we usually have summer until near the end of October. I am curious about how the cross line up is going to go too. I'm kinda excited, actually, and will let you know.

Sam: It is a mysterious day, as are all the sun and lunar sabbats. Times of great power that most of us have lost the perception to notice. Happy summer!

notesfromnadir said...

Summer's always good & who doesn't appreciate the longer days? Except maybe vampires! [I'll admit to being a True Blood fan!] :)

Ronda Laveen said...

Notes: Oh, I'm a True Blood fangirl too! Where's Bill?

joanny said...


Interesting that you woke up at that time --- I woke up at 4:44am .

Happy summer Solstice. It is going to an interesting one with the T-square coming into to place --- wonder what your astrology friend has to say about all this?

At long last we are getting some sun....

T. Anne said...

Summer is my favorite! What a relief from the other sleep depriving seasons which require far too much from me. I'm so glad it's still JUne and it's not all flying by in one big blur!

Megan said...

Summer is my favorite. Summer is all things good - sun and sea and green grass and barbecues and picnics and no shoes and the smell of coppertone and sleeping outdoors and...well, all things good!

When's the eclipse?!?

otin said...

Oh, it definitely is official in NC!

We have been in the mid 90's for about 8 days now with heat indexes of 105.

I like all the new digs here and your new profile pic. I feel like I have been gone forever!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy SUmmer to you too Ronda! I hope it's a great one for you.

notesfromnadir said...

Not to anyone's surprise, there WILL be a season 4 of True Blood! :)

For a laugh, check out Snoop Dogg's OH SOOKIE video right here

Dorraine said...

Did you say a hot union? Yeah, I'm having a hot union right here in Texas. All summer long!

Enjoy your sweet summer!

Ronda Laveen said...

Joanny: I woke straight up in bed like, what's going on and then remembered. It was quite a jolt. My astrologer friend said the T-square is very extraordinary and and intense especially for some of the signs. Cancer is the only one I can remember she said. I'm Aquarian and she said I should ride it out pretty smoothly.

T. Anne: The extra light really helps me to have more energy too. I know, we still have a week of June left. Yes!

Megan: I'm adding watermelon to your A-list. The eclipse is this Saturday...along with everything else! The Grand Cross.

Otin: We're starting to rev up too heat wise. It won't be long until we hit those 110 degree days. It does seem like you've been gone forever.

JJ: You have a great summer too! The 4th is next weekend. Yeah!

Ronda Laveen said...

Note: Yea, a fourth season! Thanks for the link to Snoop's vid. I saw a few seconds of it at the end of last episode but the whole version is a hoot. Oh, Sookie!

Dorraine: Yeah, my summer will be sweet...like hot, sweet mustard! Where are those hot dogs?

Christina said...

T'was a dark and cloudy one over here. The day after was much lighter.

Happy summer, Ronda!

Nessa said...

I allowed the sun to seep into my soul allllll dayyyyy loooonnnggggg!

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