Monday, March 30, 2009

The Cookie Sutra

The Cookie Sutra

(Hope this comes out okay. Many Blogger issues with this post and at this time, I am leaving well enough alone.)

"Where imaginations are fertile, love will
never grow stale, nor crumble."

I was given this wonderful little book as a birthday gift from my niece, Ashley. Now, I don't usually do book or movie reviews. The reason? First, there are others who are so much better at it than I am, like Willow, Mindy, and Reya. Second, I don't have time to see a lot of movies. Last, the books I read, most people wouldn't be interested in, like: Theories of the Universe, Pathology for Massage Therapists, Whiplash and Related Headaches and Physics of the Soul. However, once in a great while, I make an exception and today's review is one.

The Cookie Sutra is a witty little book and a quick read, fifteen minutes, maybe 30 if you're sandbagging. It was written by Edward Jaye. The name Edward Jaye is a pseudonym for an award winning advertising executive who lives with his wife in a secret location in Massachusetts, USA. It is delightful treatise that successfully combines two of lifes, and my, greatest pleasures, food and erotica. It contains an ancient recipe for bliss alongside a contemporary recipe for baking your own gingerbread Cookie Sutra.

Everything about this book is as light as leavened bread, including the dedication: "To Lisa for showing me where we keep the baking stuff and not asking why.'' It includes tips on preparing the body, preheating the oven, and a menu of postures. For beginners, he offers the "First Posture, tried-and-true as milk and cookies." For advanced baker-love makers, he presents Autumn Dog, The Wheelbarrow, The Suspended Congress, and Bending the Bow. But Jaye cautions, "those no longer considered freshed baked should take great care, lest the cookies crumble."

As an anecdotal endorsement, I work in a salon with over 40 beauticians, therapists and aesthetic technicians. I left this book on the counter by mistake when I left for my day off. By the time I returned, The Cookie Sutra had made its way around the salon, returned to me (actually, I had to hunt it down) with hair color stained finger prints on the pages and cover. The majority of stylists I know really have little interest in reading books without pictures. I don't mean this in a bad way it's just that most, NOT ALL, (so no nasty e-mails, please 'cause I love my friends), of them are hands-on active women. They spend lots of time looking at literature with photos, like styling mags and People. This book has lots of pictures, humorous lovemaking tips, and recipes. Lots of good things all in under one cover. Any way, whether for yourself or as a gift, this is a fun book, a funny book, and a how-to for getting cookin' on many levels. I give The Cookie Sutra two buns up!

"The first complete illustrated translation. For lovers, for
the adventurous, for the curious, for the bakers. Especially for the

The Cookie Sutra
By Edward Jaye
ISBN-10: 0-7611-3809-9
Workman Publishing


Dot-Com said...

That looks like a book I need to get! Great review :-)

Baino said...

Haha! That would raise some eyebrows at Christmas (the traditional time for 'gingerbread' I guess!) I thought you might have been having trouble with the post, I could see it in Reader last night but not on the site!

Brian Miller said...

i am now on a find that book. amazing! i may take up baking yet!

Evening Light Writer said...

ohhhh cookies....I love cookies, I love what my grandma calls the big nasty saucey and sweet...thank you for this review! By the way, I know stylists too and I know what you mean! Thank you for the shout out. I needed a laugh today because I am getting serious frown lines.

I'm so glad I saw this finally, its been intriguing me for day.

Go Ms. B.B. shake yo thing! She's getting the hang of that treadmill! Are you going to buy her a zebra purse next?

Ronda Laveen said...

Dot-com: Thanks. It is a great little reference book for kitchen and bedroom.

Baino: Gifting it at Christmas is a great idea. It is the traditional time for gingerbread and it would be fun to see it passed around a group.

Brian: If you practice the "baking" lessons in this book, your wife will be an all around happy lady.

Mindy: Your grandma calls it the Big Nasty? Too funny. Of course, you are so young, your grandma is probably my age. Yes, Miss B.B. LaLa is getting the hang of the treadmill. She's not a real fan like the other two, but does it for the bits of jerky. Maybe I should get her the zebra purse for a reward.

Mrsupole said...

Hi Ronda,
I think that was a wonderful book review. Now I am interested in finding that book too. Just to spend the 15 minutes reading it. I cannot think of a book, that I have read so fast. I guess you cannot blame the women there for reading it. And it sounds like such a great place to work. Great post.

Anyway, I have given you another award. I hope you like it and just like normal I have broken the rules again. Oh well.

God bless.

Candie Bracci said...


yes it's true,I couldn't see it for a while,just the title.
It seems to be a real fine book,sounds good to me especially in this spring time!
Sex and food,did i get it right?What's more sexy than that?:)

Reya Mellicker said...

Suspended Congress? That is truly hilarious.

Hey I love your book reading list! Sounds quite familiar ... that's no surprise, eh?

Your book review was spectacular! Who says anyone does it better? I don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic review, Ronda! And even being as how I live in Massachusetts, I still don't where he lives! 'Tis a fun little book, tho'!

Ronda Laveen said...

Sherry: Thank you and I hope you enjoy your 15 minutes.

Candie: Yes, you got it and FOOD!

Reya: I am not surprised you like my reading list. I'm wearing my pocket protector today.

subtrop: Maybe you can locate him by lifting your nose to the air and sniffing. It would be worth the hunt.

Mrsupole said...

Today I am giving a gift for everyone and I hope you and everyone who comes here will visit and get their gift. It is just something simple and free. So I hope you enjoy it.

God Bless.

Ronda Laveen said...

Thanks, MrsU

Dr Zibbs said...

That cover is awesome!