Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Barkday to Me, the Sweetiest!


Well, hello my darling two-leggeds. I am Miss B.B. La La. Today is my Barkday! I sent my human, Ronda, out across the field to look for the Frisbee she threw for me. Shnuff! Shnuff! She thinks I didn't see where it landed but I'm really just ignoring her so that I could paw the computer away from her for a little while. Shnuff! I am nine years old. That's 63 in dog years. But as I always say, dog years, shmog years. Who ever invented that system had their foot in a pile of stinky ol' poo! I think I am holding up well and don't look a day over six. I have work done, you know. A little nip here. A tuck there. A little Puptox and Collie-gen will take years off in a swag of the tail.

Since I'm still as active as a pup, I do a lot of charity work. I need as many two-leggeds as possible to help animals that aren't as lucky as me. Many shelters are old and in danger of being shut down. In our region, the Butte Humane Society shelter has problems with heating, drainage, broken pipes, and ventilation among other problems. They don't have enough kibble to afford the repairs.

The shelter entered an online contest called Shelter Makeover II on Zootoo.com. Butte Humane Society is currently ranked 5Th out of more than 2,000 shelters across the nation. Points are earned every time someone new joins the website or if current members post pictures or comments. March 13, 2009 is the deadline for points accumulation.

Judges will visit the top 20 shelters and select ten which will be voted on by the public in April. Please help the Butte Humane Society earn points to win the contest by going to: http://www.zootoo.com/. When you get to their home page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the link to Shelter Makeover II. Maybe a shelter in your region needs some help too. There are many listed to choose from.

Like most everyone, us critters are also facing tough times during this economic down turn. One of Frisbee girl's friends works at the Haven Humane animal shelter. She said that she is seeing so many really, really nice animals being surrendered because their humans can no longer afford to house or care from them. They have implemented a program where they accept food and supply donations to assist owners in keeping their animals at home. It is far better to help families care for us in our own home than to leave us at the shelter. I am sure that shelters everywhere are in need of such assistance.

So, when you think about donating to a food bank, think also about donating to animal food banks. Join us today in helping! After all, it's my Barkday. Pretty please, with chocolate chip cookies on it? Even though I'm not supposed to have them, they're my slurppiest. I've been known to pull a full cookie sheet of them off of the counter and pretend I didn't know it was wrong. Well, gotta go. Here comes Frisbee girl. I'll see if I can get her to go fetch it again. Shnuff!

Wiff luv,
Sweet Miss B.B. La La
For your catvenience, I have included a list of shelter necessities:
For Our Animal Friends
Dog food, Cat food, Puppy formula, Kitten formula, Bottles with nipples, Items for rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, Blankets, Dog toys, Kong toys, Newspaper, Towels, Animal crates, Cat carriers, Cat litter, Collars and leashes.

For Our Staff
Copy machine paper, Oust Air Freshener (anti-bacterial type), Hand sanitizer, Office supplies, Paper towels
Hand dolly.

For Our Facility
Storage shed (20x20 wood, double doors), Commercial grade washer/dryer, Metal awning (13x14), Lumber for outdoor animal pen (2x4-2x6-4x4), plywood, roofing, cement, nails, New gutters for Haven's shelter roof
Parking lot resurface, Anesthesia monitor, Ultrasonic cleaner, Digital X-ray, IV stand, Exam light, electrosurgical unit, Lift table, Cat scale, Ultrasound machine , Microscope, IV fluid pump.

Happy Barkday, to me.
Happy Barkday, to me.
Happy Barkday, Happy Barkday,
Happy Barkday, to me!


Candie Bracci said...

Happy birthday to her!
She is so cute.I know we need to donate to animals too.True.That's why I woke up and became a member of PETA France and made a donation.On saturday,I bought some food to give to the shelter here,next to my place,they were collecting.I will again in the future,but not only animals,humans need too,more and more people are digging in the garbage.I know even if you don't have much you can do a little to help.Every little actions counts.In my world,people would all eat decently and have a roof under their head,I know it's utopist and Vatican wouldn't have golden dresses(if they would give even a quarter of what they have to the poorest)we will give back the houses to all of those who have lost their houses in USA,no more corruption,drugs and weapons..No more woman killed in Mexico(NI UNA MAS) ect..No more killing for God ect..ect...in Candyland,I know..
Have a nice day

Mrsupole said...

Happy Barkday to Miss BB.

I thought that was a really cute way to get the problem across, but they need to also get those animals fixed. So sad to see so many unwanted animals. I also agree with Candie about so many things. We do need to take care of so many. Funny, I have been saying for years that if they would just sell one or two of those jewel encrusted robes, that they could sure make a dent in feeding the people in Africa or just all over the world. People starving and them prancing around in all those robes. Just seems wrong somehow, to say you care and then do that.

I try to visit freekibble.com and freekibblekat.com to have free food given to the cats and dogs through this program, but every time I do this, something goes wrong with my computer. I am not sure why. Will try your link and see what happens.

God bless.

Ronda Laveen said...

Candie: When I join you in "Candyland," people and animals will also have health care available. In the US, it is a big deal. So many have no access and not enough $$.

Sherry: Yes, more spay & neutering needs to be done. Often it comes down to finances. But it has to happen. Yes, check out the zootoo link. It seems to work well for me.

Auntie, aka cagny said...

What a lovely post.
I always donate to Best Friends out in Utah.
And I advocate adoption of shelter pets.
Join us for Friday 13th.
Check out http://intheyearofthedog.blogspot.com/ for some fun.

Ronda Laveen said...

Thanks, Auntie. I will check out Fri 13th!

Baino said...

Very cute pooch and lucky to have you to spoil her. We're busy giving support to animals hurt in the Victorian Bushfires otherwise, I'd be happy to help. My spoiled menial on the other hand, suffers no such fate and is well fed and much loved. She may even feature in the Thursday Theme tomorrow!

LuLu and LoLLy! said...

Dear Miss BB, Hi! We are 2 Maltese dogs and we stumbled across your outstanding post this morning, and we must say Whew! There are many outstanding things in here. For one thing, LoLLy is a rescue and we try to help rescue groups 2, and we must say Two Paws UP! for your outstanding efforts to help the Butte shelter. We will post a link to the shelter on our website Special Features page! Also, you math skill s are egstremely impressive, we get very confuzed after 2. Altho we are pretty sure 63 is the number after negative 29 and that is not very old at all. Finally, Happy Barkday! Let's be friendz! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy! http://www.luluandlolly.com

Evening Light Writer said...

Ronda, this is wonderful..I knew that you had your dogs running the treadmill but writing posts for you now? Miss BB, is Ronda sitting there drinking iced tea and watching you? Do you have to do the dishes for her?

I love your purse by the way, how lovely. I have a leopard print scarf that I adore.

Great post by the way, it makes me so sad when I see animals that are left because of the bad ecnomic times. Our shelter is overcrowded but they've never had more volunteers either! I hope your shelter wins the makeover.

Mrsupole said...

Hi Ronda,
Here is your invitation. Have fun.


You're invited to please join us in the fun and post a real ghost story this Friday the 13th. Then post the title at Auntie's site at http://intheyearofthedog.blogspot.com/ or Mrsupole's Place at www.mrsupole.com/ to link up with others. We should have a spooky good time. Lets see who can out spook who.

The ghosts are gonna love this and so will you.

Please share this with as many ghost loving fans as you can.

Thank you,
Auntie and Mrsupole

viznine said...

Hi Ronda.

For your information, I have just nominated you to receive the “When Life Gives You Lemons” blog award.

Visit my blog to claim your prize.


Take care and god bless.. :)

Ronda Laveen said...

Baino: Bless you for helping with the animals that were hurt in the Victorian Bush fires. We live in forest fire country. It is bad here every summer. Last summer the fires were all around and at times only a few miles from my house. It raged for nearly 2 months. It is so eerie to have more than a month of days that looked like foggy winter. Not to mention breathing all of that. There were animals everywhere, including livestock. Thankfully everyone bands together to offer help and space. I look forward to seeing your pooch this Thurs.

Lulu and Lolly: so glad you stopped by for a nibble of kibble. Yes, math was always B.B.'s best subject, after food, of course. And -29 is a wonderful age. I woof love to b your friend.

Mrsupole: Thanks for the ghostly invite!

EL: Ronda drinks whiskey while watching me do the dishes. B.B. wuvs leopard. Want a scarf to match bag now that u mention it.

Viznine: Thank you so much and bless u2.