Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Cone of Power

In my last post, I wrote about a healing technique called coning. This is how coning works. The cone of power is raised to collect, form, concentrate and send psychic energy. Without direction, energy either dissolves without outcome or deteriorates into nervous tension. Energy can be raised in many ways such as meditation, prayer, chanting, music, or dancing. Coning can either be done with a group or by an individual. It strengthens the transformation of the events and the Be-ings for which it is raised.

Basically, the cone is a visualization. A highly charged thought-form, the cone gains power and life during ceremony or worship. It is the focus of the group power or individual mind. It is a force that can change things in the world. The cone contains all the energy and focus that is generated during the ceremony and, as an image, is directed toward making the change that is desired. This image is directed by visualization into such shapes as cones, spirals, bubbles, fireworks, or waterfalls. The cone is then sent out into the universe, or to God/Goddess, or sent out and brought back to serve the receptive individuals.

In the first stage, the energy is concentrated and raised. There are a number of ways this is done. Sound is one of the ways. The sound is created with drums, rattles, chants, singing, or toning. The energy is also raised to high frequency through meditation, prayer and visualization. As the tension of the energy increases, the cone raises and the intensity and speed of the sound escalates. The energy is raised to its highest pitch, and before it begins to fade, the sound is quickly stopped. The cone is then visualized as going out into the universe. Alternately, the cone's energy can be visualized as going out, coming back and entering into the forms of those who have need. Visualize the purpose and wishes that are in need of enhancement as the cone's energy enters the body. To allow the transformations to take place, with willing acceptance, draw the energy within.

During the visualization, the cone is seen as fireworks or rockets spraying out into the universe and then the colors being drawn into the heart or chakras of the participants. If the cone is seen as a waterfall, the energy rising and falling is absorbed inward. If the cone is viewed as a bubble, the orb of light surrounds and is breathed by the recipients. The energy of the cone as a spiral aspect sends swirls from the Earth to the Universe and back again, holding the wishes for transformation and transmutation.

In the next stage, after the cone of power is raised and released to do its work, the energy is grounded. In this powerful silence, bend, or sit, and touch the palms of the hands to the floor or ground. Hold them there for a few minutes. The forehead can also be touched to the ground. This is sometimes called "earthing the energy." The reason is to discard any energy that remains. There is no harm in losing energy that is desired or positive, but it can get uncomfortable if not cleared. One can become emotional, have trouble sleeping, or even become tense or angry for no apparent reason.

Extra unreleased energy can manifest as nervous tension. Grounding is a good way to prevent overloading the circuits as there is a huge amount of energy that passes through the bodies and Be-ings during a coning session. Nothing needed is ever lost and grounding is a good way to bring energy back into balance. Sometimes a small amount of food is used by participants to fully bring them back from between worlds and to this Earth plane. But touching the ground with the hands does the same thing and should always be done. See or feel the energy leaving your hands and entering the Earth. Direct the energy to heal the Earth.

In the final stage, any gods, God, Goddess, Devas, elementals, directions, or guides that answered the invitation to assist, are thanked and released. Coning is a simple, harmless and profound way to work many miracles. If you initiate the ceremony of coning or prayer with good intent and a sense of humor, as well as a sense of reverence, all will be well.

Give it a whirl.

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Brian Miller said...

glad you puth the vid at the end, b/c i kept thinking of dan ackroyd and did not want o be disrespectful...intriguing...good intent, a sense of humor, reverence...a nice blend for healthy spirituality.

Baino said...

Yeh but HOW do you do it. I need an instruction manual. I'm not a very spiritual person at all but I have been dabbling in focus and mediation and deep breathing. Seriously, I need a manual *sit comfortably, breathe deep, think healing thoughts* see . . .HELP!

Candie Bracci said...

That sounds good really!I always like your posts!Have a nice day Ronda!

books,coffee,etc.... said...

Coning is a simple, harmless and profound way to work many miracles. If you initiate the ceremony of coning or prayer with good intent and a sense of humor, as well as a sense of reverence, all will be well.
Hi! Ronda,
I like your use of the word stage(s)
as you walked us through this "process" called
"coning." To be honest with you, I'am not familiar with coning, but I'am going to see what info(rmation) that I can find out about coning. Based on your the information that you have already provided to the readers here at Rhonda Wonderland.
...the video that followed was very funny too!
Rhonda, Thanks, for sharing!
Take care!
DeeDee ;-D

Anonymous said...

Ronda, can Grounding release all the nervous tension? Too, I've a fairly hyper-active mind and it's pretty hard to concentrate, sometimes. And are or can, visions become a part of the process?

Ronda Laveen said...

Brian: I know what you mean. Every time I think of coning, I think of the Coneheads too. That was such a funny schtick.

Baino: Okay, next post I'll start at the beginning and we'll walk through the process. I see that there is a need for this instruction. You'll get on to it quickly.

Candie: You have a nice day too.

DeeDee: Coning is a very simple way to help out when you need and extra boost or when you can't be right in the middle of an event. Glad you enjoyed the short little clip.

Subby: Yes, indeed! Grounding can definitely be used to reduce that tension. When you ask about visions are you speaking of visualization techniques or clairvoyant type of visions?

otin said...

Boning is a great way to relieve stress....Oh wait, you said coning LMAO!

Leah said...

Seriously, not for the first time I wish I lived near you!

Leah said...

Wait, did that comment make sense? I mean, I wish I lived near you. Although I know I've said that before.

Ronda Laveen said...

Otin: Coning...boning what's the difference if it relieves stress, ya? LMAOBAY (laughing my a** off back at you):)

Leah: That totally made sense. I wish I lived near you too. I would love to see the view out your kitchen windo of the Adirondaks.

Marianna said...

This video was funny! And thanks for sharing coning with us Ronda...interesting lol


Mrsupole said...

Hi Ronda,

Could really use come coning right now. I need step by step instructions, can you e-mail them to me. Might heal faster with it.

Doc says to try and use as much of the arm as possbile and then it will heal faster. I said OK, and am going to try. Any other steps to healing would be great too. He took numbing pack out today, bad pain, but I think I can tolerate most of it. Although I am sure those pain pills are helping too.

God bless and luv ya.

Ronda Laveen said...

Marianna: I thought it was so funny too. What a crack up.

I am so surprised and pleased that you are out and about so soon. You are amazing. I will send you instructions and will do some conings for you myself. You ARE healing quickly. Wow!

Michelle said...

Very interesting. I must admit I have never seen this done. I work with some people that might be interested in learning more about what you do. Fascinating.

Ronda Laveen said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed checking out your blog.

Evening Light Writer said...

What a great way to connect with someone, to cone. Very interesting, I'm always open to new ways of healing especially if my inner goddess is released!

Reya Mellicker said...

You're great! Fabulous instructional post, followed by a vid of the Coneheads?? LOVE that!!

We used to raise cones of power collectively when I was with Reclaiming. We stood in a circle and toned into the center, raising the energy with our arms and hands. It was such a rush. I loved it.

Michelle said...

Thanks for coming over...I love you blog!

Ronda Laveen said...

Mindy: You are definitely a goddess who doesn't need a reason to release. You just do it on your own.

Reya: Yes, in a group the energy is thick, tingly and palpable. It literally feels like you are raising the cone doesn't it? That RUSH just gets stronger and stronger.

Ronda Laveen said...

Michelle: I'll be back to visit you:)

Anonymous said...

Ronda, sorry it took so long to get back! Ach! so busy. Anyway, I think the visions are beyond that( it's hard to explain it here )Candie & I have talked about it. I don't think it has to do with clairvoyance; it's something deeper. I can explain better in an email

Jill said...

OH...Jane that.