Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ducks on the Pond

Our weather has been full of stormy tantrums, rainy tears and sunny skies. The weeks start out blustery, wet and wild. Then end up breezy, warm and calm. I love this balance of cloudy and bright. Wet and dry. Brisk and the kind of day you just want to soak up the sun as you read a book, ride a bike or sit on the edge of a bank dangling a worm in the water.

Looks like our drought is over. The abundance of rain has filled the low spots in the terrain. Like a mini-Minnesota, there are thousands of little lakes everywhere. These ducks are inhabiting the ponds at the back of our property. There are about four Mallard couples hanging out having a great time floating, eating and doing who knows what else--all day long. The other night, they were on the ponds after 10. I had no idea they played in the dark.

Life is popping out every where as spring deepens toward summer. Doin' a little dance. Makin' a little love. Gettin' down tonight. If I were a female Mallard, I'd go for that gorgeous, green headed guy too!

Get out there and tap into some of that burgeoning, sensual spring energy.

Happy weekend, my friends!


Brian Miller said...

pond is the best place to be after dark...smiles. i spent a little bit of time this weekend dangling a worm for the fish...

TechnoBabe said...

We had lunch at the patio table in the back yard today. Just now hubby said my face looks like I got some sun! Yay. Got some SUN. So glad you are getting rain. And gettin' down too. Enjoy your weekend, Ronda, miss queen of the cool cars.

Baino said...

Haha they're not 'playing' in the dark I can assure you. I get them on my swimming pool at night and it's all about impressing the ladies!

Kate Hanley said...

Reminds me of that book Make Way for Ducklings which I'm sure will be not long in coming!

Jai Joshi said...

I had no idea ducks played in the dark either but it makes sense. After all, we play in the dark, don't we?

I was once at Cardiff castle, eating lunch and watching the peacocks and ducks play. This male and female duck moved around together, with the male hovering over the female as she ate all the bits of food people had dropped on the ground. It was clear that the male was making sure that his breeding female was safe as she ate a full meal. I was charmed.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! Being on or by a pond after dark IS the best place to be:-) Glad you got time to dangle a worm. Maybe not such a great time for the worm...

TechnoBabe: So glad you got to sit out in your yard, lunch and get some sun. Feels good, yes? There was another car show this weekend. Lots of big motors and kool rides still roaming the streets.

Baino: If they're not playing what are they...oh, never mind! Those dude's are pretty hot. I'm sure the ladies are sufficiently impressed.

Kate: Ha! Yep, I'm sure your right about the ducklings soon making an appearance.

Jai: That is a charming duck tale. I love watching animals. Apparently, I should be watching more after dark too.

Elisabeth said...

What a cheerful introduction to summer, Ronda.

Lucky ducks.

It's enough to lift my spirits even as we here are heading into winter.

Eternally Distracted said...

It all looks absolutely fabulous... suddenly the constant sunshine here doesn't seem as good!

Dave King said...

Seems like we're getting your turn of the weather this morning - the first rain for yonks. The whole post speaks to me of spring. Well thought out. I shall try to find some of that energy of which you speak.

DUTA said...

Spring is a fickle sort of season with all kinds of weather. Humans and non-humans act accordingly, to suit its whims.

Mrsupole said...

Hi Ronda,

Youngest granddaughter got to eat the first of the strawberries for this year. She said they were very sweet. Well actually they are from the hanging basket from last year and they have made a comeback. I guess letting those strawberries that I did not pick just sit in the basket worked out good for the reseeding of the hanging basket. Now I have to get my Topsy Turvy planted again and get those tomatoes going. Never could get the cucumbers to grow and not sure why.

But I need to get some of that spring energy you are talking about. But I just cannot seem to kick this lung infection and I am not sure if I am having all these problems because of all the pollen that is being released due to all these rains this year. I think there are plants releasing pollen that haven't released any in years. But this rain has been great for my water bill, since we have not had to water on our own very much.

It does seem like you are having a very busy time on your property right now. I was just wondering how the dogs are doing with the ducks and all the other critters playing there. It must be good times for all. If I did not have such bad allergies then I would love to live on a few acres of land, and one with a pond would be great. Then stocking it with fish would be fantastic and taking the grandkids fishing, well as long as they put the bait on the hook. That is the only part about fishing that I dislike, and since I never eat the fish, then I do not have to worry about gutting it.

Maybe the ponds are full of life that is just now occurring due to the rains. I hope it rains some more this year and the rain gods continue to bless us with their tears of laughter.

God bless.

JGH said...

Oh yeah--- that green headed guy is hot! Can you blame her?!

Love to sit and watch the ducks...haven't done that in awhile.

Dorraine said...

I'd go for the green headed guy, too! Lovely pictures of your ducks. So glad you have the weather variation that shakes up your senses.

Last night was spent outside in the cool air, around a sparky fire, complete with beer and S'mores. I'm squeezing the most out of spring, Ronda! Just like you. :-)

Felicitas said...

Isn't Spring wonderful?! I love seeing all the animals and birds out doin' their thing. And watching the trees bud and flowers rise up out of the earth. It's like the world is coming alive again!

Ronda Laveen said...

Elisabeth: I know you are heading into winter now. I am happy to be tapping the warm but a change of seasons is always welcome to me.

ED: Your constant sunshine looks good to me though. Glad you had such a good time with your company.

Dave: I hope you find that energy:-)

DUTA: The urge to follow our whims and urges is particulary strong to me this time of year.

Sherry: Wow! Amazing to know that your strawberries came back. You also got great results with your Topsy Turvy and tomatoes. The dogs and ducks are, surprisingly, peacefully co-existing. Maaco, the male, likes to chase them but he can't catch them. He thinks he's pretty cool but, then so do the ducks. Hope you feel well soon.

JGH: You're probably too busy gardening to watch the ducks.

Dorraine: S'mores, beer, a sparky fire and a nice warm husband? Oh, you are talkin'!

Felicitas: Yes! The Earth is coming alive again and everyone and everthing just seems so jazzed about it. Love the renewal energy

Jill said...

LOVIN the spring...and I enjoy watching the wildlife that comes by too.
Absolutely LIFE giving!

otin said...

Funny how weather always seems to be in extremes these days. We either have no rain or too much rain, there is a lack of balance any more.

Ronda Laveen said...

Jill: I love spring too! And the wild life is just itch to get those babies out into the world.

Otin: Yes, the weather does seem to come in extremes lately. Unlike you as you find your balance.

Christina said...

Take a good look. Isn't there quite a bit of deep dark green on that head of your's truly..?

Thought so!
Happy Sunday!

Reya Mellicker said...

I love all these pictures so much. I love ducks. That second pic with the reflection is truly exquisite.

Congrats on the end of your drought. What a relief! That's the way it is in California, all or nothing, eh?

Enjoy the life-giving rains and soak up that famous California sunshine.


Stacy Post said...

Love the pics! Yes, spring has been sense-sational this year, no? The rains have hit Indiana but I was able to spot a rainbow. What a thrill that was! Happy Spring!

Ronda Laveen said...

Christina: OMG! You are right!

Reya: the ducks are so cool. The ponds are drying up a bit because when it's not raining, it's pretty warm. But after an awesome weekend, more rains are on the way to fill up the ponds:-)

Cali is all or nothing.

Stacy: Oh, I love rainbows!

Deanna Schrayer said...

Lovely post Ronda! We had several beautiful days of sunshine and perfect temps, but it was getting rather dry out, so now we're being blessed with the rain, and plenty of it! I hate rain, but without it we wouldn't have those vibrant colors in the summer, or rainbows, so I reckon it can stay a little longer.

Barbara Martin said...

Spring weather awakens everyone to renewed spirit.