Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Flu


Today is just a plain ol' rainy day. We are in this cycle of heavy, swollen rains at the beginning of the week that give birth to a gorgeous, golden-blond weekend. When I woke up, I have to admit, I was a little depressed because I was ready to spring into a day of gardening, yard work and outdoor errands. Maybe head to the arboretum or walk the Sundial Bridge. Mother Nature had a different idea. Instead, I have a dog, terrified of loud rain, thunder, winds and, well, weather of any kind except calm and clear, Velcroed to my side.

I had to jack my attitude around. I decided to enjoy these last few days of cool comfort before we head into the hot hell our summers deliver. To enjoy the luxury of a movie, a good book or time spent writing inside without feeling guilty because I should be doing outside activities.

The rain is a good thing...really. Shasta Lake is only a few feet from the top for the first time in years, which means tourism will be up this summer. The Mallards haven't been on the ponds the last couple of days because the water levels evaporated in the weekend heat. But now that they are full again, I just spotted a pair of ducks soaring side-by-side, wings spread wide, overhead getting ready to land.

It is a lazy day full of the smell of moss and rain and wet grass and chicken rice soup. I have this sense of being able to nuzzle my head in the bosom of winter and hide from all the work outside that cries, like a bawling babe, to be done in the light of spring and summer. The same kind of feeling I used to get when I played hooky from school.

Today I am having fun making a fort with blankets and chairs and stringing a Cheerio necklace . Tomorrow I'll worry about forging my mother's signature on the absence slip.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please excuse Ronda from all that weeding, pruning and planting that needs to be done outside. She had the Pretending it Doesn't Exist Flu.

Her mother.

People have been known to reach from the grave to pen such things, haven't they?


Harnett-Hargrove said...

Oh this post rings true... as I have only just this morning sent a note to school with Chloe ... 'excusing her from whatever she wants to be excused from'. -J

jiturajgor said...

Lovely picture of rain.Here it is hot summer and two months to wait for that kinda rain.I am jealous.

TechnoBabe said...

Good for you. Switch your attitude around. Pretend you are playing hooky and have some good times. Even with a dog velcroed to your side. I like how you think, Ronda.

Ronda Laveen said...

Jayne: That is so funny! One for me too, please?

Jitu: In about 4 months, I'll be jealous of the rain you are having as we'll be hitting 100+ degrees.

TechnoBabe: Yep, life is usally a matter of changing one's attitude. The dog, however, is tortured by so many things he doesn't understand. I shall enjoy!

Reya Mellicker said...

It's not playing hooky to stay indoors on a day like that. You are dancing in shamanic alignment with the weather gods. Sheesh.

Brian Miller said...

rain makes corn
corn make whiskey
whiskey makes my baby
feel a little frisky...

lol. sorry when i saw that line i just had to. enjoy the day. a blanket forts are cool!

Jai Joshi said...

You took me right back to those days for forging sick notes for school with my dad's signature. I practiced it so many times I could have done it in my sleep.

Enjoy these days of cool weather, I am! It's gorgeous that spring has lasted so long. Normally where I live in Texas spring is three weeks and then it's over.


Ronda Laveen said...

Reya: Yea! I am dancing in Shamanic alignment? Good. I went out for a while in that rain to take pictures. Although I got drenched, the ion levels of the storm felt really cool. Didn't want to stay out in it all day though.

Brian: HA! How'd ya know whiskey is my drink and why:-)

Jai: Oh, I used to practice too. I was the "forger." A lot of people came to me write their notes. None ever got busted. Except me. By my mom. Two weeks after I graduated high school. Not much she could do about it then.

Dorraine said...

Go with the flow; no pun intended! Ok, intended. The blanket tent and Cheerio necklace sounded about right on a rainy day. Shine or rain, you tied a ribbon around the day, Ronda girl. That garden will wait on you.

JGH said...

We got it goin on here, too. (the rain). Doggie cuddling and Bosom nuzzling is nice when you can't plant flowers, tho!

Megan said...

My comment got et. It was a good one, too...

Ronda Laveen said...

Dorraine: I'm afraid that garden will wait on me and wait and wait and wait. Wonder if I can plant Cheerios?

JGH: Ha! So you got the rains too, huh? Yep, doggie cuddlin' and bosom nuzzlin' are fine things on a rainy day. Give Mrs. B a cuddle for me.

Megan: Sorry your comment got et. I think Blogger heard about your chocolate chip cookies.

Dave King said...

Hey, how come you've had it all? Good to see you making the most of it.

Jai Joshi said...


You got busted after you graduated? That is so hilarious!


Jill said...

HA! You are most certainly excused from class today! Playing HOOKY every here and there is good therapy!

otin said...

Nothing like playing hooky! I love those days when you just decide to do nothing.

Megan said...

S'okay it gave me an excuse to come back and read this post again. Not that I needed one!!!

Ronda Laveen said...

Dave: I don't know. Just lucky, I guess. Looks like it may go on until June. Then we'll probably go to 100 degrees overnight.

Jai: YEP! She found the class admit slip in my coat pocket.

Jill: Thank you!

Otin: I had a nice day:-)

Megan: Ha! Did you bring cookies?

VE said...

Of course...don't cry to me about rain!

joanny said...

That is hilarious welcome to my world it is like that up here in P-town almost all the time and it hailed golf balls today and thunder and all. My dog who apparently heard your dog send the barking message clear up here came barking and pawing at the back patio door muddy paws everywhere. I am going to change my dogs name to Velcro two so yours will be Velco one your dog is much bigger so by default.
I have two cats well they are not too bad they will be shadow 1 and shadow 2

Love your new banner? or was it there and with all the gray sky's here I am noticing anything with blue in it looks surreal.
Lake Shasta is beautiful and the falls up here is in the Columbia Gorge there are a number of different falls to hike muddy and all. Most easy access with some level 2 and above. Dogs are allowed on the trails but with a lease.
Glad your mother signed the note -- I always signed my mothers name- too

Mrsupole said...

Then it worked its way down here last night and this morning. But in the afternoon the sun was shining again.

I never was brave enough to write notes and forge my mom's signature. Although I did write some for others. My mom would have killed any of us if we had gotten caught. It was funny because some of the kids turned 18 before graduation and were able to write their own notes but few rarely did.

Glad you got to spend a day playing and the rain does make the ground easier for pulling weeds. Hope the ducks are enjoying the pond for a few more days. Hopefully we will continue to get a little more rain because every little bit will help towards the next drought.

God bless.

Jingle said...

it is better than raining cats and frogs...just kidding.
Happy Thursday!
Make the best out of it..
you rock!

Ronda Laveen said...

VE: Oh, I know you probably have it worse than we do. And then, Joanny, who posted below lives close to where you do. She's getting it too

Joanny: I am happy to have Velcro dog company. Would you post a picture of V2? I love the idea of the Shadow Cats. Actually, now that I think about it, the story of Velcor Dogs and Shadow Cats might be kind of fun.
You are very observant. That is a new header from our recent car show weekend. The picture of those falls you posted were magnificent.

Sherry: Today, our weather has been like that too. We've had a half-and-half day. Half sun, half clouds and sprinkles and back again. You'll probably have more of the same tomorrow as it gets to So. Cal. Although I'm a wee bit tired of the rain, it is a welcome end to the drought.

Jingle: HA! You're funny! No cats and frogs, just ducks.

Jingle said...


thank you for the comments in my blog,
awards are meant for everyone, including you.

Deanna Schrayer said...

I love the pictures Ronda, but sorry it means you can't work outside....I think. Doesn't really sound like you're all that upset about it. :)
We have strong storms coming today, so, even though the only thing happening right now is a lot of wind, I believe I've plenty enough excuse to stay inside and write, or just nap!