Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

There are days when I am happy. There are days when I am sad. I try not to dwell in Sad Land, though. It is not my nature and, well, quite frankly, it's too diddly darn depressing. Just as it is not my nature to be sad, I can see how, for others, the opposite is true. It is probably as hard for them to skip along, sunny side up, as it is for me to get stuck in that sucky, syrupy, dark side bog.

My sister calls me the Energizer Bunny because I just keep hoppin' along. That is how I approach bunny hop at a time. I get all wound up and bounce around hiding little happiness eggs for everyone to find.

If I could have my soul's desire, I'd load my eggs with whatever the finder believes would fulfill their dreams. For some, it would be a magic egg crammed with gobs and gobs of money. For others, the magic egg would stop affliction and addiction. Still others would find the gift of great accomplishment. For the world leaders, I'd stash eggs chock full of peace, food and medical care in the four corners of their countries. At the same time, if I found unhappiness eggs filled with weapons of destruction, mass and otherwise, I'd steal and destroy them.

But, most of all, I want to hand out great big LOVE eggs. It seems to me that if we get all filled up on that stuff, we'll be ridin' so high, we won't need all those other eggs. What is it they say? Don't treat the symptoms, treat the problem. We are all running around crazy. Doing crazy stuff. Wanting crazy stuff. Buying crazy stuff. Waring for crazy stuff. Why, why why?.

Not enough love, is what I think. Call me simplistic. Call me a Pollyanna. Call me deluded...I don't care because, right now, I'm sucking all the rainbow colored jelly love-beans out of my eggs, putting on my rose colored, John Lennon glasses and hopping down the bunny trail to the Love Shack.

Deanna Schrayer at The Other Side of Deanna presented me with this Happy Award. I was supposed to list ten things that make me happy but the truth is, it's just the way I'm built. Instead of choosing five recipients for the award, I will invite any one who wishes to write a blog on happiness to link back to me. I would love to read your post. Yes, I think that would make me very happy.

Ta-ta, I must hop along now. Would you like one of my extra special, super-duper, happiness eggs before I go?


Baino said...

I would like one egg with just a single gob of money, another to stop addiction, another for world peace and another full of chocolate please! Now that would make me happy. You're so lucky to be a happy person. I place myself more in the 'almost content' box!

Mrsupole said...

Can I have the same eggs as Baino. Not sure which one I would want more, the chocolate or the money. Although if I got the addiction egg then why would I want the chocolate egg. Hmmm, maybe only a half of an addiction egg. But yes, the half to stop all those other bad addictions would be a good egg to have.

I am with you on the be happy thing, well at least most of the time.

God bless.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i will take a happiness egg...and i promise to give a few away today as well.

Dorraine said...

Not a big surprise that you'd want to share your special eggs with everyone around. And that's why you're a happy soul, Ronda.

Pass those love eggs, darlin'!

TechnoBabe said...

I say you and I put some of your eggs and my eggs together and make a great big happy love egg scramble to share with everyone else. I so like you post and I am happy you are one of the happy ones too.

Reya Mellicker said...

The beauty and value of rose-colored glasses is seriously undervalued if you ask me.

I'm happy/sad and everything inbetween. For me the challenge is to be with whatever is passing through my emotional body, to accept and love every kind of feeling that arises from my intensely complicated heart.

It IS a challenge!! Sometimes I rise to it, sometimes - not so much!

Can I have an egg stuffed with money? Thank you oh great, generous and loving sistah.

Jai Joshi said...


Congratulations on your award! You deserve it more than most people.


Ronda Laveen said...

Baino: Dang it! I forgot the chocolate egg! That is definitely one of the important ones. I will be dropping off the others as I hop on down under.

Sherry: You are so funny! Okay, here's a half of an addiction egg and half a chocolate. The money egg is a give. I am glad you are a happy one.

Brian: Thank you for helping pass out those eggs. This Happiness Bunny needs all the help she can get.

Dorraine: Thank you, soul sister.

TechnoBabe: A happy egg scramble? I LIKE IT! Yeah!

Reya: Yes, recognizing our feelings for what they are and then letting them pass through with out attachment is the work. Sending a great big $$$ egg your way.

Jai: Thank you, little one!

Deanna Schrayer said...

Ronda, this post alone is clear evidence that you deserve this award, but it's the positive vibes you constantly bless us with that shine through as the true reason.
Thank you for spreading so much happiness to us all!

I'll take an egg full of magic please. :)

Ronda Laveen said...

Deanna: Thank you! I always wonder what the world would be like if we could all just send out those high, positive vibes. An egg full of magical magic is on its way to you!

DUTA said...

I envy people like you Ronda : happy, hopeful and believe Love is the cure to everything.
Don't change, you're fine and radiating positive feelings upon all around you.
For me a magic egg filled with Good Luck, please.

Terresa said...

I love the idea of happiness eggs! Keep on keeping on, I say!! :)

Ronda Laveen said...

DUTA!: What a beautiful egg filled with Good Luck. An extra large one is on it's way to you!

Ji said...

awards for you,
Happy is cool,
Glad to see you shine!

Subby said...

I like your approach but I'll pass on the I've had quite my fill since Sunday, heh...

Dave King said...

Dare I ask where it is you buy your energy? I could do with an occasional bottle of it these days. Great post.

Nessa said...

You have such a sweet outlook. You certainly deserve the award.

otin said...

I'll take 2 happiness eggs over well with some hashbrowns and a biscuit! lol

Christina said...

Please, please! I'd like one with free education for everybody and $1360.00 please.
No addiction egg for me, though. But one with a lot of eggnog in it!
(Did you know that in Germany they drink eggnog at EASTER? :-o)

Wonderful post! I can see you right in front of me, all pink and fluffy. :)

joanny said...

What a clever idea -- happiness eggs -- like the goose who laid the golden eggs,
I would like one for every living thing on this planet,, and triple eggs for our "leaders" making decisions that they get the peace egg, health care egg and the lets get rid of all the war making stuff..


Megan said...

I don't need no eggs. I'd rather just link arms.

Ronda Laveen said...

Therresa: Thanks for the visit and the follow.

Ji: Got it!

Subby: Egg sick? Totally understand. They sounded so good a week ago.

Dave: I just kind of manufacture it. I would love to be able to bottle it for a little passive income.

Nessa: Ahh...

Otin: dos ovum over tater tots with a stone.

Christina: Coming right up! One $1360 egg and education for every one is fantastic. I think a double order is in the ball park.
And I'm totally kicin' ass on all taht other stuff too.. congrats
JoannY; Coming right up! e happiness egg for everbody.

JGH said...

Eggcellent post, Ronda. I just read a book called "The Happiness Project" - have you heard of it? I think it's a great nudge for people to make small changes that might make them happier. Sometimes it's just a matter of deciding to be happy and not taking yourself so seriously.

Ronda Laveen said...

JGH: Thanks for the eggcellent suggestion about the book, The Happiness Project. I have heard of it, from you blog, I think, I haven't read it yet, thought. I like the ideas you suggest.

Jen said...

I'd like one of those love eggs! And if you can drop off a kayak egg, I'm looking for one of those, too.

Ronda Laveen said...

Jen: So many good ideas for eggs here. A kayak egg, maybe two, is on its way to you!

Ronda Laveen said...

Megan: I like the idea of linking arms. Oh, yeah!