Thursday, April 15, 2010

Miss B

This is a very special story, about a very special lady, who is a very special friend, who is having a very special birthday. These are some of the very special things about her:

She was born on tax day, April 15th.

What day could be more appropriate for the birth of a new, little tax deduction?

Her favorite number is 13.

If you ask her why, you'd better have a long time to listen because the reasons are many.

She doesn't look like a practical joker.

Looks are deceiving because in this photo, she looks nice. I used to be quite a sucker. Innocent. Trusting. No more. She's trained me to prank with the best of 'em. If a little, old, Italian lady every calls you wanting you to do weird stuff, look out.

Her maiden name is the same as her married name.

I'm going to let you think about that one for a while. When she told me, it took a couple of weeks to get up the nerve to ask how it was possible. I mean, she didn't look like she was inbred but, I wasn't going to ask.

She has been my boss. I have been her boss.

There have been days when we've looked at each other and said, "I just want to be the Indian, not the Chief." The other would respond, "Sorry. It's not your turn."

She's made me cry.

While sitting on the pot in the bowling alley bathroom, fully clothed, she told me she was quitting and taking another job. We were in there for a little privacy.

I've made her cry.

While stirring a huge pot of spaghetti sauce in the school kitchen, fully clothed, I told her I was quitting and taking another job. In that kitchen, there was very little privacy.

Her whole life, she'd wanted to find her real father.

For one of her birthdays, I bought her a book I'd heard about on Oprah. It described how to go about finding anyone you wanted. She was so delighted. I was delighted. Her family wasn't. Seems that our innocent, little, sleuthing endeavor was about to bring down a well kept family secret. An incredible secret that, with her permission, I'll one day tell you about.

But until then,

Happy 50-Something, Miss B!


Rinkly Rimes said...

Your friend in a nutshell! And she looks quite comfortable there! Happy celebrations!

Gemel said...

A beautiful gift from a beautiful friend x

tony said...

Happy Birthday B You Sound Quite A Lass!

Brian Miller said...

wat a cool friend...happy birthday B!

Marisa Birns said...

The best kind of friend one could be lucky enough to have!

So glad to associate this day with something celebratory (as I hand over a check to The Man!)

Happy Birthday Rhonda's special friend...

Mrsupole said...

Happy Birthday Miss B.

You two sound like you have had a long and special friendship, even making each other cry. How cool is that to have the same married name as your maiden name. My thought is that she just kept her maiden name after she got married. But then again....

One of my grandsons has me and his other grandma with the same maiden name. I guess that is normally rare unless you live in a small town or in them thar hills back there. LOL

Here's to many, many, more years of friendship for you two.

God bless.

TechnoBabe said...

I have a friend who is married to her cousin so her maiden name is her married name. Now you got up the curiosity antenna regarding the family secret. Ask her if you can tell us. You know we won't tell anyone! Happy Birthday to Ronda's amazing friend Miss B!!

Dave King said...

You make her sound someone to meet.
Happy Birthday to her!

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday Miss B! What a lovely tribute to your friend Ronda. I can relate to the prankster type - my dad is one of the best. But it's my poor sister, not me, (I swear), who is gullible enough to believe him most of the time.
Now you know you've got to get permission to tell us that family secret. You can't just leave us hanging!
That novel I'm (supposedly) writing is full of family secrets, so I could use the research, if not the entertainment. ;)

Jill said...

Well! Clearly I popped around to visit The Wonderland so I can give Miss B a proper birthday GREETING!
Happy fiftieth!!! And, looks like you have a great friend Ronda!

DUTA said...

Your friend Miss B looks lovely in the above picture. Happy Birthday to her!

As for the mentioned secret, it reminds me of my genealogical quest started several years ago; I've reached a dead end where there are some secrets and I get no cooperation from the living descendants.

Kate Hanley said...

She sounds awesome! And my favorite number is 13 for reasons I can barely remember. Maybe because it's been so maligned. Happy Birthday to her!

Ronda Laveen said...

Rinkly: If you knew that she came from a nutshell, you must have met her:P

Gemel: Thank you, Gemel.

Tony: She is quite a lass.

Brian: She is so cool, she is HOT!

Marisa: You and me both. It is nice there is a happiness associated with this day. I had to write a check too.

Sherry: Your guess that she kept her maiden name is incorrect. I will reveal answer in next post.

TechnoBabe: No, she is not married to her cousin. Answer coming next post. I will have to talk to her about that family secret thingy reveal.

Dave: If you met her, I guarantee you would not forget her.

Deanna: I will see if can write her secret story. I can't wait to see your novel when it comes into form. A little vicarous research never hurt anyone.

Jill: Yes, you came to the Wonderland on a splendid day. Thanks for your well wishes.

DUTA: I do hope someone in your family budges and coughs up some information. Secrets are only secret when hidden in the dark. When exposed to light, they aren't nearly as bad, usually, as they are thought to be.

Kate: Ah, you are another 13 supporter. One time, we went to an event on the 13th of February at a location that had the address 1313. It turned out to be a fund raiser for battered women put on by our gay and lesbian community. We had a blast.

Stacy Post said...

Is her last name Smith...or Post? :) Happy Birthday Miss B!
Good friends should always be celebrated. Thanks, R. for checking out my story today!

Reya Mellicker said...

Happiest birthday to an extraordinary Aries! Beautiful blog birthday card.

Ronda Laveen said...

Stacy: You are funny! It was my pleasure to check out your story.

Reya: Yes, sister, this is a blog birthday card. I am blessed with wonderful friends, am I not?

Christina said...

Ha! Her maiden name is her married name because she refused to take on her husbands name, like all good women do! :D
Or she must be a Baker. Plenty of Bakers out there!

Happy b-day Miss B, I'm sure it's gonna be a fun packed one with Ronda on your side!

Dorraine said...

Sounds like a kooky but lovely person. Know she is if she picked you for a friend. Happy birthday, B!!

Ronda Laveen said...

Christina: No, she didn't refuse to take on her married name. But I do know why good women don't want to:-) Something a little trickier. And no, not a Baker by name but she is one by profession! And we will have fun.

Dorraine: She is definitely a kooky, fun, lovely friend. You would love her.

Jai Joshi said...

She sounds like a corker. Happy Birthday to her!


Megan said...

Shoot, it's already the 16th. Well, happy belated!

JGH said...

I have a best friend named "Miss B. too!(my little poodle!)Nothing like a little mystery to keep us on our toes. Sounds like a great lady - hope to hear more about her!
And a happy birthday to her, too!

TechnoBabe said...

Ronda, I tagged you on my blog if you want to play.

Ronda Laveen said...

Jai: She is definitely a corker!

Megan: She'll love that your wishes are belated. We often exchange our Christmas gifts in July.

JGH: I've seen pictures of your Miss B. Even seen her lovely wedding photos. That was the best doggie wedding I've ever seen. Actually, the ONLY doggie wedding I've seen.

TechnoBabe: Thank you. I read that post last night and will be happy to play.

lettuce said...

what a lovely sketch of a great frienship

Happy Birthday B

Ronda Laveen said...

Lettuce: Thank you!

Jingle said...

Happy Birthday, B.

Cool post,
your friendship is precious to many...

otin said...

Her maiden name is her married name? That is unique!

Happy birthday to B!