Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bits and Pieces

After all of the heady excitement and activities of the inauguration, I feel the need to center my bodies and integrate all of the changes. Shavasana, or the Corpse Pose, is a relaxing, rejuvenating and rebuilding pose often used to conclude a yoga session. So, it is time for Shavasana for my brain. I intend to hover in simpleton, no-brain strain land for couple of days.

"Bits and Pieces" is my ode to "Clean out the refrigerator day!" It is the day I recycle all the leftover odds and ends into a meal or, in this case, a post. If not exciting, it is, at the very least, eclectic. I might end up serving you something like Tofu Spaghetti with Brussels Sprouts French Onion Soup. Mmmmm, good!

Cute Pet Contest

I ran across this article in HealtyPet Magazine. They are conducting a Cute Pet Contest. I just can't decide which of my perky puppies to submit. (Photos: Yin-The Headless Hound ( top left) Sweet Miss BB La La (top right) Maaco the Crazed in "I Think I Just Ate My Own Tongue" (lower center). The date of the deadline was not listed on the page advertising the spring contest so, don't delay submitting your entry. I don't have a scanner to show you the winners of the last contest. However, all of them showed full frontal dog, sitting or standing, not just head shots. Have fun and may the best critter win!

By sharing a photo of your cutest dog or cat, you could win a
valued at more than $1000!* Send a
high-quality photo of your cute pet to HealthyPet Magazine, Attn: Cute
Pet Photo Contest, 7777 Center Avenue, Suite 359, Huntington Beach, CA 92647.
Please include your name, city, and state and your pet's name, breed, age, along
with a one-line description of the submitted photograph.
*Photos become the property of HealthyPet Magazine, which
reserves the right, without further consideration, to use all photos in any
publication, media, and related promotions. We cannot confirm receipt or
return entries. By submitting your photos, you agree that the photos and your
name, city, and state can be posted in HealthyPet Magazine and on
owned by Zoasis Corporation.

Harley Owners Group

Redding California Chapter #0286
Present their 20Th Annual American Motorcycle Show

February 21-22, 2009 at the Mt. Shasta Mall, Redding, CA

Sponsored by Redding Harley Davidson

Entry forms, rules,etc are available at

Enter your bike for exhibit or

Stop by and see these wondrous machines.


Activities: Poker Walks, Raffles, Fashion Shows, and more.

Jan Parker, Silent Auction Coordinator, sez:

"Although we are not a nonprofit organization, we do sponsor many charitable events throughout the year including donations to senior homes, and families in need at Easter and Christmas. A gift from you will Help us keep doing this in the future."

Keep your business in the public eye! Make a donation to the Silent Auction and your name will be posted on the donation board visible to mall traffic and announced at the awards dinner during the auction.

For more information call:

Jan Parker, Silent Auction Coordinator



Mervyn's Closes

The company that became synonymous with the catch phrase, "Open, open, open," is now "Closed, closed, closed." I stopped by our local Redding, California store and took some photos through the front windows. Not much is left.

Mervyn's, was opened in 1949 by Mervin Morris in San Lorenzo, California. The store measured less than 3000 feet, had only two full-time employees and a couple of part-time workers. The competitive company grew and went public in 1971. In 1978, it was purchased by the Dayton Hudson Corp., which is now the Target Corp., and continued its expansion. Mervyn's was sold to Sun Capital Partners in 1978, making it, again, a privately held company which operated 175 stores in 7 states.

After filing Chapter 11, in July, 2008 and failing to find a buyer, it was decided that all of their stores will be closed. The chain's base has been especially hard hit by the low housing market and high fuel prices. Mervyn's customers are typically low- to middle-income shoppers who live in areas especially hard hit by foreclosures such as California's Central Valley and Redding. That description precisely depicts our socio-economic status.

Redding's store was opened in April of 1984. Apparently their last day for merchandise sales was Sunday, December 28, 2008.

Mervyn's joins an ever growing list of iconic American business facing extinction.

New Foster Farms Packaging

Now, I know that many of you realize that I don't get out much. That being said, it is the simple pleasures that flutter my tutu. I am really excited over the new chicken packaging that Costco has. If like me, you find warehouse shopping prices attractive but find the quantities too large for two people, check this out! The packages come as a large piece that zips into smaller packages. I can prepare as many or as few as I need. It sure beats the snark out of having to come home and re-package my purchases into small sections before freezing.

I wish the packaging was "greener" but the concept is GREAT and I am sure it will evolve to conform to contemporary environmental wishes. For all I know, chicken has been coming like this for years and I am just now finding out. If so, I apologize for spreading old news but, hey, call me next time something new comes out!


Reya Mellicker said...

Great bits and pieces.

My dog likes to put his head underneath the edges of furniture, too!

They're all cute.

Too bad about Mervyn's!

Ronda Laveen said...

Silly critters! They all amaze me. I know, it is too bad about Mervyn's. So many businesses closing these days.