Thursday, January 1, 2009

I wonder...should I make a New Year's Resolution?

So, I wondered...should I make a New Year's Resolution this year? Initially, I decided no...that is just setting myself up for failure. Then I thought that today, January 1, 2009, is the perfect day for starting up the blog I have been wanting to create for some time. After spending nearly 50 minutes in quick on-line research and blog site creation, my resolution was complete. I thought of all of the time I had spent in unsatisfying mental masturbation as I contemplated the imagined enormity of this project over the last couple of years. I felt like I needed a good spanking.

Blog site creation is so EASY I smugly thought as I created my first posting! I also sadly thought of shopping list of items I wanted to tackle this year but knew I probably won't get accomplished: solutions to world peace, hunger, and Earth healing; learning to sing, dance, draw, paint, play an instrument; learn photography and computers backward and forward; organize all of my digital photos, house, drawers, attic, yard, and garage; alphabetize my extensive ephemera and comic collection; and display my 18" Austin Powers Doctor Evil Mini-Me, dressed in silver astronaut suit, in a better place than in his box. By comparison, blog-site creation was a simple pimple.

Well, the site creation was easy. But drafting the posting took me sometime as I considered the fact that now that I had a forum for my voice, what was it that I wanted to communicate? So after a cranial review, I noted that I had many wondrous thoughts wandering around my brain. My topics will be eclectic and varied; just like me! So on and on I typed...blah, blah, blah, blog. Blogged my little brain out, I did. Then, I thought I would try to upload a photo. I carefully selected the perfect picture to punctuate my article. Didn't save my work before uploading, I didn't. And, you guessed it, the program locked up and I lost my first post. A new one I had to write. So, not only did I complete my resolution this year, I did it twice. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! Not only is it a mantra for our future, it is a mantra for computer work. Oh, well, live and learn and learn and re-learn. Happy 2009!

P.S. After I re-wrote this blog, I learned better how to navigate this web site and found my original first post. As I stated previously, live and learn and learn and relearn.

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