Thursday, January 1, 2009

I wonder...can a New Year's party get any more fun?

Well, last night we, my husband, Randy, and I, went to this party hosted by Bill and Jeanne Casparino. It was also attended by: Lee and Nina Bortolazzo, Colette and Rick Duquette, Jim and Tami Tomsich, and Tess the Treat Stealing Dog (see photo bottom right). Martha Stewart and Smack Down Bobby Flay RSVP'd but failed to arrive. I wonder...what's UP?

It was an East Coast New Year's Eve Party held on the left coast. Meaning, we started at 6 p.m. Pacific Time, celebrated the East Coast New Year's at 9 p.m. PT and were home by 9:30. Just in time to stop our big-bag-of-crazy dog from turning our door jams into more splinters than just a few. The neighbors must have been setting off firecrackers early. Maaco the Crazy was reaching a high-anxiety paranoia-strikes-deep state by our home arrival. (See photo below).

The evenings feast consisted of a sumptuous array of appetizers and hospitality De Casparino, Calamari a la Bortolazzo, Crab cakes Duquette, Tomsich Sampler, Laveen Love Rolls, and, of course, Tess Treats. Highlights of the evening included a real time New Year's conference call with Right Coaster, Flossie, a 50Th Birthday celebration for Jim, including a sensuous chocolate cake crafted by Colette, a rousing game of Scategories with such exciting answers from many players as "I got nothin" to billiant scoring by the Queen of Words, Jeanne.

Great Party!

Great Friends!


Tina B. said...

Wow! Ronda I am so proud of you. This is really a great escape and what better way to get those things listed above accomplished? I am sure since you have listed them they are there looking at you everytime you blog and that surely will lead to new blogs about how and when you get them all done! Kudos to you...obviously a mutual friend of ours (no names mentioned) thought I should see this site as she is always trying to find a way for me to creatively express myself as well! Love the learn, learn and me hope! Have a great 2009! tina

Ronda Laveen said...

Hi Tina B. Nice to have you aboard. Sounds like it is time for you to get bizzy and EXPRESS YOURSELF now. See my next blog on how to get started so you don't have to procrastinate like I did.