Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Obama Man March

Photo: Reya Mellicker "The Gold Puppy" (thegoldpuppy.blogspot.com)

The Obama Man March

From the left coast to the right coast, visitors swarm.
Like hippies on the thruway to Max Yasgur’s farm.
Same as Woodstock in the 60’s, this is an historic event
Giving witness to swearing-in our first Black President.

To the inauguration we travel, hoping to see
Barack Obama unveil his true alchemy.
We optimistically wait, if I may be so bold,
For him to turn our nation’s problems into gold.

Bracing for impact at ground zero is being done
By locals prepping for Tuesday’s invasion.
Washington’s businesses will mostly be closed
Except for cafes and shops with stuff to be sold

Not since the 60’s, have I felt such excitement
The air charged with sparks, static and lightnin.’
As signs on hotels flash “NO VACANCY,”
DC residents hawk rentals for large currency.

With so many millions coming, what will we need?
More power! More cell towers! More bathrooms! Take heed!
Walking will be the preferred mode of the day.
And, surely, much faster than the flippin’subway.

JFK voted for the Civil Rights Act of ’57.
It finally passed Congress after lots of contention.
For African Americans, was this voters’ rights bill,
Which helped Barack clear a path to the top of the Hill.
Many think that Obama and Kennedy are a lot alike.
Both are young with two children and smart, stylish wives.
Jackie wore one-of couturier fashions designed just for a few.
Michelle is more comfortable in off the rack clothes by J. Crew.

Kennedy was king of the television screen.
Barack bent the Net to serve his needs.
They both took many ethnic sticks
One a black man…one an Irish Mick.

The world sees them both as political studs,
Very well received and very well thought of.
May your day be happy, Mr. 44th in line,
Because your new job is, frankly, quite hard and unkind.

Photo: tadung Photobucket.com

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