Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm a Soul, Man!

Photo: God's Eye
By: Jim Tomsich (my brother-in-law)

This is the time of year when I start to look closely and introspectively at who and what comes into my life. Who is on the phone when it rings? Who do I encounter? Who contacts me through the various forms of communication? The last few weeks, I've observed that the people coming into my life are a part of my Soul Group.

From the very beginning, the universe developed with a variety of speeds and stages. At points during this evolution, different Star or Soul groups formed. As they grew into advanced civilizations and societies, their physical and spiritual sides came into balance. Guided by the Divine (I like to believe) or as a natural part of evolution, they brought a specific purpose to the universe.

Our Soul Group is comprised of beings who started out with us at the beginning of our creation. They are from the same star, universe or loca where our incarnations began. People from the same Soul Group have the same life, or rather, lifetimes purpose. Different groups have different missions. Some are concerned with art and creativity generation after generation. Some are concerned with peace or healing or teaching. Some have spiritual messages to bring out on Earth.

I've been recognizing members of my Soul Group for a while now. We have common goals and like mindedness. There is an ease of communication even though we are newly acquainted. But the last few weeks, those I've recognized are starting to recognize me. Now, it's not like they say, "Hey, Ronda! I'm from your Soul Group." It's more like, when I recognize them, I know it and send out an unspoken signal asking for a response. I usually think, " Gee, it's so good to see you again. I've missed you. When you remember who I am, give me a jingle." I hadn't gotten much response. But all of a sudden, bam! From across the country and across the globe, they have been contacting me.

I am as excited as an electron meeting a proton. I have received several phone calls, e-mails, and even some CDs from members of my group. I'm not sure what we all have in common yet except that we are highly creative, possess largess of vision, love of humanity, universal (and I mean that as in the Milky Way and beyond) philosophy and humor. In time, our mission will become clear. Until then, it is enough for me that we recognize each other.

So the next time someone you can't place looks familiar to you, there may be a reason other than forgetfulness. Stop for a moment. Think. Send out a vibe that says you recognize them as being a part of your Soul Group. Wait for a response. Although it can sometimes take a while, when the person responds with an answer that confirms your thought, it will be well worth the wait. Have you heard from anyone lately that makes you stop and think about your connection to each other?


Candie Bracci said...

Wonderful Ronda!You have an important place in my life!Love to you!It's with you that I wouldn't stop chatting at the party!

Mrsupole said...

Well, I have to say that I have not had any new connections unless I was to answer all those requests from Classmates.com and talked to people I went to school with. But since I am not willing to "pay" the ransom they are asking, I guess this will never happen. Actually I am surprised these people remember me since I will not mention which reunion is coming up. It is funny to see the pictures posted because everyone just looks so old and I know I am not as old as they are. Okay, I am just kidding.

I think you are making perfect sense about how we have different groups. Although I guess that since I haven't been working for a few years, I think I no longer have a work group, although I do still stay in touch with some of them, but nothing like when we saw each other on a daily basis. I think my "Soul Group" that I am enjoying the most, are the ones I have met here in "Bloggyworld", and you are right about how some of us just match up so well. I hope to keep getting to know all of my soul friends here.

I love the picture too. The eye to the Milky Way. Really cool.

God bless.

Brian Miller said...

what a cool post..there are those certain people you resonate with...and when you find them...its amazing!

Kate Hanley said...

Such a fascinating post. I went through a number of years where I would meet people and they would swear they had met me before. I knew better and would tell them. I always thought I had one of those generic faces but now you've made me think!

TechnoBabe said...

Like meeting people for what is supposedly the first time and conversing in a way that is more like being in the middle of a conversation that began long ago.

Baino said...

Yep I might not have a soul but I have a soul group alright and among them are people I haven't even met. How does that work?

Reya Mellicker said...

Started giggling when I read this as I have just recently talked with Hammer about how he and I share a "soul bit" as I call it.

Oh yeah1!

Ronda Laveen said...

Candie: Party or no party, we will continue to converse through time and time again. Love to you too!

Sherry: If you're anywhere near my age, and I think you are, then it is any wonder that any of us remember much. Were starting to get to the geezer end of the timeline. Cancle that!, my guru would say. We are designed to live forever

Yes, in Bloggyland, there are Soul Group connections. I think you know them when you e-meet them. I thought Jim's picture was way cool too!

Brian: Yes, there are those people, when met, you immediately resonate at the same frequency. It is very cool and knowing why is a great gift and tool.

Ronda Laveen said...

Kate: Sounds like those people recognized your essence. When I was younger, I had the same thing happen to me--A LOT. I thought I had a generic twin somewere. But there were so many.

TechnoBabe: Girl, you said it! When we meet these people it is exactly like "...conversing in a way that is more like being in the middle of a conversation that began long ago." What a clear explanation. Thanks.

Baino: It began a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

They may spot you before you spot them. Just be open. What can it hurt?

Reya: Ahh, so you're getting too? That is one conversation I would have loved to over hear. Time to get busy...there's a lot of work to be done--apparently.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit different with me, tho'...I can't really explain it here. And likin' the new header and Jim's pic!

otin said...

I have had connections with people where you just click on all of the same cylinders, and then other people that you try to hang out with and it just doesn't work!

Ronda Laveen said...

Subby: Now you've got me curious. Glad you like the header. Jim's picture is so powerful isn't it?

Otin: I know what you mean when you say that you can try so hard with some people and nada. And other...well, it is so darned easy. I think it's because you've been connected for many lifetimes.

JGH said...

Ronda, very thought-provoking post. You've got me thinking about who might be in my soul group other than the people I'm close to that I may not be conscious of yet. Who will appear? Who will recede? I'm at a time in my life when I'm re-valuating some of my friendships, so this is on my mind a lot lately.

Jai Joshi said...

How sweet that you've been hearing from all those people. When we send out positive vibes they always come back to us. You are loved because you love.


Dorraine said...

Absolutely what Jai said.

Loved this post, Ronda. And, yes, I have noticed there are those, connected by the soul, who just come along, but it seems as though they've always been there. Sure does make more sense the way you explained it.

I'm so thankful for you, Jai and all the others I've been honored enough to have in my life.:)

tony said...

I Agree .We Meet People We Need To Meet.Nothing in Heaven Or Earth is Coincidence.

Ronda Laveen said...

JGH: There is a synchronicity afoot lately. This is a good time for re-evaluation.

Jai: It is you who are sweet. Thank you for such lovely thoughts! Sending them back to you as you exude them as well.

Dorraine: Thanks, I feel that connection to you too. And I feel honored as well to have you in my life. Such connections...ahh, yes!

Tony: Well put, my man, well put. "Nothing in Heave or Earth is Coincidence." Well put, indeed.

otin said...

Ronda, you are priceless!

Colette Amelia said...

Wow! Rhonda I have missed a whole lot and what a whole lot of food for thought!

That whole sentence about thinking you know someone reminds me of that book...hmmm something prophesy!

I was wondering if that whole car accident/knife fight was creative writing or real? If real I sure hope you keep yourself safe...

So much to comment on...but will just say have a lovely holiday season however you and your special ones celebrate...and have the best New Year!