Monday, February 1, 2010

5th Annual Cyberspace Poetry Slam

It's happening right NOW! The big cyberevent for February, the 5th Annual Cyberspace Poetry Slam. Brigid, also known as Imbloc or Candlemas, is a celebration of Brigid, a Celtic Goddess. She is the goddess of inspiration and fire. This second big power zone of the year lies halfway between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox . It is a time of coming light, healing, creativity, poetry, and the nine muses and graces. Between now and midnight on Brigid's feast day, select a poem you like - by a favorite poet or one of your own - and post it over the next few days.

Let's fill the air with poetry, make a wish and spin that wheel of stop spring!!

Candlemas Poem

Night of lit white candles
darkness turned to light
"everything she touches
feast of waxing flame
fire of heart and hearth
fire of the mind
flickering of spark
quickening of air
warming into inspiration
thawing in her innocence
snow into desire

"she shines for all of us
she burns within us all"
spiral heat of life
"she shines for all of us
within us all she burns"
the fires to create
"she shines in all of us
she burns us all within"
awakening arising is her need
"she shines for all of us
she burns within us all"
her candle is our only source.

Kay Gardner
Avalon: Solo Flute Meditations


anthonynorth said...

Powerful words. Enjoyed your poem.

otin said...

Anything that celebrates the arrival of spring is okay by me!

Anonymous said...

I like it, I like it! And I'm stuck in limerick/Haiku mode...!

TechnoBabe said...

You get us all fired up in this post. I like that it is a time of healing and creativity. I have always believed that as I heal I am then able to be more creative.

Brian Miller said...

she burns for us...nice. enjoyed the poem very much! here comes spring!

Dorraine said...

Oh, love this poem and your thoughts of spring. This ties in with the post I'm working on, called Spring Preview. Yes, a poem. That's what it needs! Thanks for the inspiration, always.

willow said...

I think I could celebrate poetry every day of the year!

Baino said...

I wish I liked poetry as much as I like your Chandelier. Having said that, I visit a lot of sites where people post poetry. Some is wonderful,some is woeful but all are interesting.

DUTA said...

It was believed that Candlemas, this festival of candle light and fire could predict the weather for the rest of the winter.

Here's a traditional poem about it:
"If candlemas Day be fair and bright/Winter will take another fight/If Candlemas Day brings cloud and rain/Winter won't come again."

Deanna Schrayer said...

Love love love the poem Ronda. Thanks so much for telling us about the slam. I can't write poetry, (though I do try now and then), but I enjoy reading it.
The chandelier is lovely too.

Chris Wolf said...

Gorgeous candles and light! Happy candlemas!

Jill said...

IS Spring at hand?? Please say it is SO Ronda!
Now, what I would LOVE to do is sip a nice hot tea...or maybe a nice glass of wine on that rug in front of THAT fire! Lovely!

Ronda Laveen said...

anthonynorth: Brigid thanks you,
kind sir.

Otin: I agree. Anthing that welcomes that sweet, spring breeze, light and warmth is warm and fuzzy.

Subby: Keep it goin'. You are a limerickin' haikun' god right now.

TechnoBabe: I like that thought and the reverse is also true.

Brian: I'll bet you could use a little of Brigid's warmth right now with all that snow you got dumped on you. Yes, here comes spring.

Dorraine: Spring Preview? Oh, I'm on my way over just as soon as I finish here:-)

Ronda Laveen said...

Willow: The way you write poetry, it is a celebration every day.

Baino: I'm glad you like that shot. I fell in love with it. And as always, your candor is appreciated. I know exactly what you mean.

DUTA: Thanks for the story of Candlemas. I will never forget it. What a beautiful predictor. Far more elegant than our groundhog.

Deanna: I am no poet either. Once in a while I try but it is a disappointment. I thought the chandelier (photo taken from where I used to work) went with the theme of light. I think there are thousands of poems in the air the few days. The muses are hard at work.

Chris: Happy Candlemas to you, too. I think it was on this day a year ago that I found your blog.

Jill: I know, that rug does look so cozy and warm. That is exactly what I was thinking when I decided to use it for the post. A glass of wine...a romantic honey...the warm, crackling fire...uh, time to shut the door now.

But, alas, I fear spring is 6 weeks away as always!

Mrsupole said...

Is it time for the Annual Poetry event again. It doesn't even seem like it was that long ago that I was writing about the Ant Farm.

And Spring is just around the corner, I haven't even had a fire in my fireplace yet. My tomatoes are still growing and it just seems like spring has not totally ended until they die, and I get to have a fire in my fireplace.

We have actually had a fairly warm winter and even though there has been a lot of rain this year and more to come this week, we have not been that cold. I haven't even worn a jacket or coat this year. We have barely turned on the heater and I am still running around in shorts and tank tops, although menopause might have something to do with that. But still last year I had lots of fires in the fireplace due to Hubby being so cold and he has not asked for one fire so far. That is the one thing that lets me know how mild our winter has been. Hubby is not cold.

I am gonna go look through my old poems or maybe think of one to write.

Happy Candlemas Day to you!

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Ronda,we--eeeelll I wouldnt' say that, heh, heh....

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow! Thanks for the wish for spring and for the beautiful fireplace and pillows and for the chant. I think we used to sing that one.

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so glad you were born, Ronda. Hope you celebrate in style.

AND ... thanks for the writer interview, part II. Excellent things to think about.


Ronda Laveen said...

Sherry: Oh! I remember Ant Farm. Last year we each wrote our own poem. We'd only been blogging a month. Can't wait to read what you post. Maybe you should have a fire in your fireplace even though it's not cold and eat some of those tomatoes. The way it is going, they might not die this year.

Subby: You didn't have to, I did:-)

Reya: You're welcome. Good spring and birthday wishes to you this month. When I ran across this chant, I thought of you singing it. Isn't that funny?

And thanks for the birthday wish. I usually celebrate for my entire birthday week but I'm thinking maybe I should make it the whole month. What d'ya think?

Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Felicitas said...

Gorgeous piece! Imbolc blessings.